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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

If you saw Matt’s first post over at yesterday, you hopefully caught the Editor’s Note that was put in at the end:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Matt’s snark factor is currently teetering on “too much, too soon,” but since we fear an uprising from the likes of BTI, Drew “Coal” Franklin and The Fake Gimel — or the Real Gimel for that matter — we’ll let it go.

That’s damn right!  Me, Drew, and Fake Gimel make up the muscle at KSR.  Just remember that next time you want to make threats and get all pissy in the comments section, you might get visited by the Three Amigos.  I don’t think that nickname has EVER been used for a trio, has it? 


1) Look, Tim Floyd has really struggled throughout his career.  He left a fairly good job at Iowa State and went to the post-Jordan Bulls and bombed.  Then he went to the New Orleans Hornets and bombed.  Then he went to USC, and didnt really bomb, but cheated his ass off.  But, you gotta give him credit for this.  He has the guts to step in the middle of fight between Latina women in a cafeteria. 

2) I have no doubt that Jim Nantz is filthy rich and makes a couple million a year, when you include endorsements and such.  But, his pockets are going to be a lot lighter now, as he must pay $900,000 every year to his ex-wife until she dies or gets married again.  And this woman is ugly, and I mean Steve Phillips fling ugly.  So, it looks like the wife will have to die before Nantz gets him money.

3) You know its real bad if you are about to break your team’s all-time rushing record, and the fans start a petition asking you be benched so you can’t break the record.  Such is the life of the Chief’s Larry Johnson, who is so disliked by the fans that they have asked for him to NOT play, even at the detriment of the team.

4) Check out this ad coming out of Ohio which rambled about the “dangers” of gambling.  Most notably, the fact that lots of people and families will DIE if a casino is put in.  By the way, Ohioans voted to ALLOW gambling in its 4 biggest cities, making Kentuckians look even sillier to avoid this possible stream of revenue.  Those of you against gambling (which is a sport, which makes it relevant for this site), here is my advice to you: DONT GO TO THE CASINO!!!  You have the choice to not go.  Let those of us who would like to gamble, gamble.  OK, rant over.   

5) Great impression of Ron Jaworski

Article written by Bryan the Intern