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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

How weak is the scheduling by these top tier BCS teams.  Take a look:

#1 Florida: Charleston Southern, Troy, Florida International, Florida State (Combined: 9-15)
#2 Alabama: Virginia Tech, Florida International, North Texas, Chattanooga (Combined: 11-14)
#3 Texas: Louisana-Monroe, Wyoming, UTEP, Central Florida (Combined: 13-12)
#4 Boise State: Oregon, Miami (OH), Bowling Green, UC Davis (Combined: 11-15)
#5 Cincinnati: SE Missouri St, Oregon State, Fresno State, Miami (OH), Illinois (Combined: 9-22)
#6 Iowa: Northern Iowa, Iowa State, Arizona, Arkansas State (Combined: 14-11)
#7 USC: San Jose State, Ohio State, Notre Dame (Combined: 10-9)
#8 TCU: Virginia, Texas State, Clemson, SMU (Combined: 12-12)
#9 LSU: Washington, Louisiana-Lafayette, Tulane, Louisana Tech (Combined: 12-13)
#10 Miami: Oklahoma, Florida A&M, Central Florida, South Florida (Combined: 15-9)

-Out of 40 games, a total of 13 were played against BCS opponents.  Texas played ZERO BCS opponents.

-Out of the 40 games, 7 were played against Sun Belt opponents ALONE. Another 7 were played against Division-1AA opponents.  That means 14 games were played against Sun Belt or non-1A schools, as opposed to 13 against BCS opponents.

-Boise State, as a non-BCS school, should have to play AT LEAST two BCS schools to qualify for the BCS games.  Therefore, they should be eliminated from contention.  On the other hand, TCU beat both of its BCS opponents ON THE ROAD.  Boise did not. 

-Combined record of non-conference opponents of Top 10 BCS teams: 116 wins, 134 losses



1. New quiz.  Name the Top 5 UK Basketball scorers in every year from 1990-2009.  100 total answers.  Who can ace the quiz first? (NOTE: FOR NO GOOD REASON, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN MARQUIS ESTILL AND TONY DELK’S FULL NAMES IN, WHILE THE REST YOU CAN PUT IN LAST NAMES.  NO CLUE AS TO WHY.)

2. What in the heck is going on with the umpiring during the baseball playoffs?  And these calls are not even close, yet umpires have missed AT LEAST 5 calls so far, and lucky for them none of them have cost a team a game.  But, as we inch towards the Phillies-Yankees World Series, this worries me just a little.  INSTANT REPLAY ANYONE?

3. The campus in Bristol, Connecticut is quickly turning into a frat house, and not just any frat house, but the one on campus that has all the guys who don’t really pay dues, don’t wear popped polo shirts and don’t care about “brotherhood”, but just like to get drunk and hunt down ladies.  Everyone has heard about Harold Reynolds and his problems, then it has come out that the married Steve Phillips had a little fling with another employee (unfortunatly pictured above), and NOW it turns out that ESPN Radio Full-time fill-in Eric….ummmmm……whatever his last name is…….tried to get on something at the Super Bowl, leading to a suspension.  It’s always funny to me that the middle of the road or low barrell personalities are the ones getting caught.  I don’t hear about Scott van Pelt or Mike Greenberg in affairs.  Oh course, who would sleep with Mike Greenberg? 

4. Most underrated TV station: Home Shopping Network

5. Meant to post this yesterday, but put the wrong video.  Again, NSFW!!!!!

Article written by Bryan the Intern