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Matt talked about this yesterday, and I thought I would expand the conversation a little more today about the greatest basketball-football weekend in UK history.  I did some research (GASP!) and there are actually very few times that UK has won BOTH a football game and basketball game on the same weekend.  Here are the instances:

1976: Basketball beats Notre Dame 102-76 and Football beats North Carolina 21-0

1984: Basketball beats Kansas 92-89 and Football beats Wisconsin 20-19

1998: Basketball beats EKU 99-64 and Football beats Vandy 55-17

2005: Basketball beats South Dakota St. 71-54 and Football beats Vandy 48-43

2006: Basketball beats Mississippi Valley St. 79-56 and Football beats Louisana-Monroe 42-20 

2006: Basketball beats EKU 78-65 and Football beats Clemson 28-20

Now, I understand that UK didn’t technically win a basketball game this weekend, BUT it sure felt like it, didnt it?  I would say the only two weekends that compared were 1976 and 1984, mostly because both football wins were bowl wins.  Even still, I would say this past weekend rivals those in terms of importance and excitement. 


1) When the game of baseball was invented, there were probably some basic rules that existed.  Some of them included:

-If a defensive player catches a ball before it hits the ground, the batter is out.

-A player must touch all bases.

-You can not use steroids

Things like that.  But I would tend to guess that another rule is “a player must be touching the bag while holding the ball to force out a runner.”  And yet, if Joe Buck and Dillweed Mccarver have it their way, as long as you’re somewhat close to the base, it should count.  Because an ump stood up and called a Yankee runner SAFE when an Angels player only stradled second base during a double play and never came close to touching it.  What’s more amazing is alot of people actually say he still should be called out!  That’s like saying after swinging and missing on a third strike, I should get another swing because I came close to hitting the ball.  I really can’t stand super-baseball fan.  They think things should be done “a certain way” and there is “honor” in the game, and all that crap.  Instead, their sport is maybe 3rd in America, and now you don’t really have to follow the rules.  Pathetic.   

2) How bad are things in the WNBA?  Well, the team that just lost in the Finals is now moving to another state.  The same team that won the title last year.  And won two other titles.  A fair equivalent would be if the San Antonio Spurs just upped and moved to Green Bay.  That seems dumb, doesn’t it?  Of course, women playing basketball at a “high level” seems pretty dumb too.

3) You gotta feel for Lebron James.  He likely has the swine flu, and now he releases that there was a small worry he had cancer in January.  Luckily, the results came back negative.  And thank God, somebody has to carry Shaq’s fat ass up and down the court this season. 

4) You HAVE to look at what the upcoming Winter Olympics medals look like.  You HAVE to.  HAVE HAVE HAVE to.

5) THIS is how the Raiders were able to win on Sunday

Article written by Bryan the Intern