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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


1. Just how well do you know the rosters of the last 2 UK national champions?  Well, one of the KSR readers created a quiz for it.  I got 23 of 28.  Embarrassing. 

2. More reason that hockey needs to be back on major television full-time.

3. Is there a stiffer group of pro athletes than golfers?  They are nearly all country club, rich for forever stiffs, who actually defend the sanctity of the game, which includes blocking out african americans for years (but we’ll ignore that).  Nonetheless, one of the “hipper” golfers is American Anthony Kim, all of 24 years old.  Well, Kim got crushed by his opponent at the recent President’s Cup for allegedly going out before the night of their match.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that Kim then came out and shot 6-under and slapped Australian Robert Allenby all over the course.  Reports are that Allenby was playing the round one club short, as his 7-iron was firmly planted in his booty-hole.

4. It’s no secret that Rush Limbaugh is one of my least favorite people on Earth.  And it honestly has nothing to do with politics, it more has to do with hate.  He is a hateful fat man.  If a Democrat saved a puppy from a burning building, Limbaugh would say that Democrats were contributing to the pet population being out of control.  BUT, BUT, BUT, he absolutely should be able to be an ownerof an NFL team.  First of all, he would be a minority owner, which means he has very little say on how the team is run.  Second, if he is crazy rich, then it is only American that he can buy what he wants.  Its called capitalism.  The NFL is trying to use its overwhelming power in sports, but what do you think he would do as owner?  Get rid of all his black players?  Only employ Republicans?  If that’s the case, then the team would tank and Limbaugh would lose lots of money, so that’s a negative for him.   

5. You gotta play tot he whistle.  I think one high school team has learned that lesson.

Article written by Bryan the Intern