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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


1. Poor Louisville, they get so few national TV chances, and they have already blown both of them.  Against UK, they could have taken down a favored SEC team.  But last Friday was the worst, when the Pitt game was the ONLY game on during that time, and Louisville laid an absolute egg, getting crushed 35-10.  To make matters worse, they did this to their jerseys.  As much as we all would love him to stay, Rich Brooks/Joker Phillips is going to be facing a different coach in next years game. 

2. For all you wrestling enthusiasts out there, it appears that The Iron Sheik has found his way to Twitter.  And be careful, he doesn’t have the cleanest tweets in the world.

3. The Sports Pickle had some fun at the hands of the UK Football team, and I don’t care how much you want to defend the program and blah blah blah, you gotta admit that this is funny.  Can’t you just see Mike Hartline saying something like:

“I think the biggest problem, outside of them being better than us, is that we noticeably wanted it more,” said Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline. “We should have paced ourselves. We were spent at the end of the first quarter from trying so hard and the mental exhaustion that comes with wanting something so intensely.”

4. Sorry, but this video got me worked up yesterday.  I get that Tom Brady is sacked like 3 times in a season, and it might be an accomplishment to knock him down.  But, what Terrell Suggs did on Sunday was go after Brady’s knees, which is bush-league.  And then Ray Lewis says the personal foul call on Suggs was an embarassment.  You know whats an embarassment Ray?  Contributing to a murder.  Don’t give me that “acquitted” crap.  He had a buddy that murdered somebody and helped try to get his buddy away.  And then Rodney Harrison tells Brady to take his skirt off.  Hey Rodney, why not go roid up some more and see if you can get your washed up rear back in the league.  Please, going after a guys knees IS NOT football!

Article written by Bryan the Intern