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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

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photo by Moocartoons

BTI is off doing whatever it is that BTI does when he’s not here dropping knowledge, so I’ll be doing my best to fill in for him.  We’ll see how this goes. 

 – In an apperance on Dan Patrick yetserday, Charles Barkley said Twitter is for losers and he will never use the the social networking site.  There may not be another person on the planet more capable of entertaining people in 140 characters or less than Charles Barkley, which puts this waste of potential on par with Pervis Ellison’s NBA career.

 – And, speaking of Twitter, Kevin Armstrong of Sports Illustrated takes a look at how Kyrie Irving has used Twitter throughout his recruiting process and what the people at the NCAA have to say about it.  Irving now says that he will announce his decision via tweet and said that when he cut Indiana from his list, the Hoosier fans weren’t exactly friendly. 

 – In case you hadn’t heard, the WNBA Finals are in full swing and the Mercury-Fever (have you had your shot?) series is causing a ticket frenzy…..if you work for the Phoenix Suns.  GM Steve Kerr bought and gave away all the upper deck seats for Game 1 and coach Alvin Gentry will do it for Game 2.  Obviously, this has little to do with the skill level of the women.  This can be directly traced back to my main beef with the league:  not enough teams end with an “S”.  It’s irritating.

 – As one who does not really follow MMA, my rooting interest is generally only for a knockout video by Kimbo Slice.  It looks like we might be seeing too many of those since Roy Nelson beat Kimbo Slice last night, leaving people to wonder what will ever come of his MMA career.  Hopefully, he just goes back to the streets and starts beating the hell out of people again.  Or makes a permanent move to linebacker.

 – BTI, it looks like you have competition.  You’re not the only Bryan the Intern out there.  It’s time to establish your dominance now.

 – Don’t forget to put in your picks for the KSR College and Pro Pick ‘Em leagues.  You don’t want to wake up Monday morning and be trailing BTI in the standings.

 – Duh.

– Is Joe Mauer tipping pitches?

Article written by Thomas Beisner