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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

Thanks to KSR’s “Favorite Person to Email BTI Yesterday”, Zach and his girlfriend, who sent me this picture of said lady and Jeremy Jarmon.  I am told this lady friend and Jeremy have a friendship, although she chose the wear the number of Will Fidler and not Jarmon.  Yet, Jeremy sucked up and faked a smile (or a Demarcus as we call it) for this picture.  Nonetheless, I am told that Jeremy looked really good in practice, forcing an interception and getting a sack.  In all seriousness, thanks to Zach and Lady for the picture. 

BREAKING NEWS: I can’t keep this from you guys any longer.  THE VIDEO VAULT IS NOW DEAD.  I am sorry about this, but I just started a new job this week, and thus no longer have access to the archives.  Remember that you can still view the other videos I put up by clicking on “Video Vault” on the right side of the page.  I realize this now greatly diminishes me on this site, and probably pushes me back past Radio Rob as the worst writer, but so be it.  If it’s any consolation to you all, I now have to run the audio board for half of Rush Limbaugh’s show, which is torture.  That is one angry semi-American.  And as always, I mean nothing politically by that.  Seriously.   

-Golly, couldn’t see this one coming, could ya?  Many media reports indicate that Brett Favre will be headed to the Vikings, just a couple weeks after saying he would stay retired.  I take back what I say yesterday.  I would like Johan Santana to throw a fastball at Favre.

Kurt Angle has been arrested for possession of HGH and harrasment.  So, your saying that using roids also makes you more agressive?  So, thats why Matt is always beating on Mosley at the KSR compound.  It all makes sense now. 

-First it was Landon Donovan, and now the Duke football team has come down with the swine flu.  And once again, I am sure this isn’t really funny, but the first thing I thought about when reading this story was “Survival of the Fitest”.

-What a silly sport this soccer is.

Article written by Bryan the Intern