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Shane Victorino takes a beer shower at Wrigley.

Why Michael Vick going to the Eagles IS BAD FOR THE EAGLES:

1) “Why be happier than happy”: Is there something wrong with the QB situation in Philly?  Why bring in another guy who could potentially compete with McNabb for playing time?  How often do two quarterbacks happily share the playing time?  This can only cause drama. 

2) You now have to implement some NEW type of package into your offense with just a couple weeks left in practice to fit Vick, if they are planning on playing him.  Frankly, Vick will NEVER be half the QB McNabb is, and he can’t be a drop back passer, even to the minor extent that McNabb is.  You literally have to change the offense for Mike Vick.

3) Philly is notoriously hard on McNabb.  And the first bad game he has this year, those fans will be calling for Mike Vick to play.  Again, bringing drama into that lockerroom that didn’t need to be there.

4) If you think a guy like Mike Vick is just gonna sit back, hold a clipboard, and not say something about lack of playing time, YOU ARE CRAZY! This guy has been out of football for 2 years, you dont think he wants to play NOW?? That’s why it surprises me he signed with the Eagles, because in theory he won’t get much playing time.

5) You have a STUD in Brian Westbrook in the backfield, and admittedly he gets injured alot.  But, when Vick is in the game, he takes away touches from the running back.  When did Michael Turner become a stud for the Falcons?  When Vick was in prison. 

6) If this goes bad, it goes REAL bad for this team.  They are in the midst of having Super Bowl calibar teams, and bringing in Vick has the POTENTIAL to damage that window.  And Philly fans don’t take kindly to losing. 

Now, with all this being said, let me say this: I THINK MIKE VICK HAS SERVED HIS PUNISHMENT AND SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO PLAY RIGHT NOW!! I am not saying this is at all bad for Vick.  He has the right to play for whomever he wants, and he chose Philly.  So, my whole point is the Eagles are taking a HUGE risk that Vick can be productive for them, and they are a team that doesn’t need to take that kind of risk.  The 49ers?  Maybe.  The Eagles? No.  End of lesson.


1) Now, to a guy who DIDN’T serve an appropriate sentence, and that would be Donte’ Stallworth, who freaking killed a guy while being drunk.  So, the best commishoner in sports, Roger Goddell, put his foot down and suspended Stallworth for an entire season WITHOUT pay.  He should also allow that man’s family to run over Stallworth’s feet with a car.  That would be fair.

2) Did you see the Cubs fan who threw a beer at Shane Victorino as he tried to catch a flyball two nights ago?  Victorino has decided to press charges, forcing the guy, who has a chin strap beard, to turn himslef into police.  Here is a fair punishment: Lifetime banishment from Wrigley and allow Donte Stallworth to run your over with his car.  There, done.

3) Landon Donovan has swine flu.  Probably not funny, but I laughed a little.

Article written by Bryan the Intern