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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

Quarterfinal Matchups in Most Disappointing UK Player Ever.


(1) Rodrick Rhodes vs (8) Alex Legion

(5) Rashard Carruth vs (13) Jared Carter

(2) Antwain Barbour vs (10) Shagari Alleyne

(3) Randolph Morris vs (11) Myron Anthony

(1) Rodrick Rhodes: 40, (16) JP Blevins: 7
(8) Alex Legion: 32, (9) Josh Carrier: 15
(13) Jared Carter: 31, (4) Jules Camara: 16 
(5)Rashard Carruth: 42, (12) Saul Smith: 5
(2) Antwain Barbour: 38, (15) Rekalin Sims: 8
(10) Shagari Alleyne: 34, (7) Desmond Allison: 12 
(3) Randolph Morris: 27, (14) Brandon Stockton: 19
(11) Myron Anthony: 26, (6) Michael Bradley: 20 


You remember a week or two back I lamented how much I hate wide recievers in the NFL.  They are the biggest jerks, have the biggest egos, and yet actually impact the game LESS than QB’s, RB’s, and kickers.  And now it’s gotten to whole new level as Michael Crabtree, admittedly the best player in college last year (including Tebow), is now threatening NOT signing with the 49ers, and re-entering the draft next season.  First, its pretty weak that a player can do that in the first place, but second most most important: SHUT THE HELL UP MICHAEL AND SIGN YOUR STUPID 35 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT AND LET US $20,000 DOLLAR A YEAR PEOPLE LAMENT HOW BAD OUR JOBS SUCK!  That is why I like college sports better.

Is this police brutality?  Hell no.  Here’s a thought: Don’t act like a moron at a sporting event. 

Article written by Bryan the Intern