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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

Today is the final 1st-round matchups in the UK Most Loved Modern Basketball Player Tournament or the UKMLMBPT as we like to call it around the KSR compound.  So far, we have had 4 “upsets” out of the 12 matchups, with the Bradley-Mercer clash being the closest and the biggest upset and the Mashburn-Martinez battle being the biggest blowout.  Remember to vote in the comments section.

(2) Tayshuan Prince vs (31) Nazr Mohammed
(7) John Pelphrey vs (26) Ravi Moss
(10) Gerald Fitch vs (23) Erik Daniels
(15) Travis Ford vs (18) Deron Feldhaus

(3) Chuck Hayes: 124, (30) Heshimu Evans: 9
(14) Scott Padgett: 123, (19) Allen Edwards: 10
(6) Wayne Turner: 96, (27) Antoine Walker: 37
(11) Derek Anderson: 93,  (22) Anthony Epps: 40
(1) Jamal Mashburn: 171,(32) Gimel Martinez: 4
(17) Keith Bogans: 92,(16) Jodie Meeks: 83
(8) Patrick Patterson: 159,(25) Jamal Magloire: 16
(24) Ramel Bradley: 89, (9) Ron Mercer: 86
(4) Richie Farmer: 129, (29) Joe Crawford: 44
(20) Cameron Mills: 101, (13) Sean Woods: 72
(5) Tony Delk: 166, (28) Rajon Rondo: 7
(12) Jeff Sheppard: 138, (21) Kelena Azubuike: 35

1. Lance Armstrong has conceeded he CAN’T win the Tour de France and is just gonna try and help a teammate try and win.  While I am sure this is honorable, it bothers me a little too.  There are 7 days left in this stupid race, and the only reason Americans care is to see if Armstrong can win, and now he is giving up.  I guess I wished even if he wanted to just help a teammate and not go for the yellow, he should have just kept it to himself

2. Here is a very funny “article” about fans reaction to Brock Lesnar’s behavior after UFC 283.  While the article is certainly written tounge in cheek, it actually makes a pretty good point. 

3. Yeah, Tom Watson really screwed that up yesterday and all, but he’s got nothing on Hershel McGriff.  The 81-year-old just finished 13th in a NASCAR race in a secondary series out west.  I don’t care if you are talking NASCAR race, horse race, foot race, or potato sack race, if an 81-year-old is involved, I am interested.  And also very nervous.  And wonder how he doesn’t pee his pants or need to take some type of pill over the course of 3 hours. 

4. If you love the Video Vault, you can now go to the left side of the homepage (in between the Boone’s and Cornhole ads) and click on “Video Vault”.  This will give you access to all the videos I have begun posting on the site.  This will be especially helpful when in a depressed mood.  And if you missed the two videos from this weekend, take a look at Gerald Fitch’s huge 3 against UNC and a collection of Azubuike dunks.

Article written by Bryan the Intern