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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

1. The Kentucky Senate killed the slots bill in committee on Monday night, not even allowing it to reach the Senate floor for a vote.  I will not get into the stupidity and hypocrisy of this but I will just say this:  WHY NOT ALLOW THE RESIDENTS OF KENTUCKY TO VOTE IF THEY WANT SLOTS AT RACETRACKS AND LETS SEE HOW THAT VOTE COMES OUT.  Because frankly, I don’t think our politicians any longer represent the people who vote them into office.

2. Donte Stallworth: 30 days for DUI Manslaughter
Mike Vick: 23 months for running illegal dog fighting ring and lying to the feds
Sacramento Man: 3 years prison for stealing Lance Armstrong’s bike

Look, I get that the Sacramento guy is a lifelong criminal and the community is better served with him in prison.  But since when did common sense leave our society, especially when it comes to crimial sentences?

3. You MUST watch the new ABC series “The Superstars“.  It pairs eight “athletes” with eight celebrities and then hillarity insues.  Some highlights from the first episode:  Robert Horry trying to ride what appears to be a 10-year-olds bike, Bodie Miller cramping after riding maybe half a mile on a bike, the return of Dan Cortese (ROCK-N-JOCK BABY!), and the absolute hotness that is Ali Landry.  Also, Terrell Owens gets his butt RIPPEDby his parter, a FREAKIN MODEL!!

4. Our boy Colin Cowherd gets a guest spot on Mayne Streetthis week, and Kenny Mayne makes him look like a fool.  With the help of a mullet-wearing Barry Melrose.

Article written by Bryan the Intern