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Remember: BTI Live Blog TONIGHT AT 7:30PM.  Defend soccer.  Defend Shaq’s trade to the Suns.  Defend baseball player’s being sissy.  Defend Tubby deserving his name in the rafters.  All the things you hate me so much for, we will work them out tonight.  So be there. 

BTI Rant of the Day: Colin Cowherd was at it again yesterday, taking shots at UK for almost 30 straight minutes.  And what exactly set him off: None other than our good buddy Pat Forde.  Actually, Forde was brought on to discuss the resignation of Tim Floyd, but just as he was leaving, Cowherd asked “Who is more slimy: Calipari or Floyd”.  Forde responded with a burst of laughterand said he would have to read the entire Floyd report to know if he was as slimy as Calipari. 

Cowherd also compared the recruitment’s of OJ Mayo to that of John Wall.  He said it seemed to be a VERY odd choice for Mayo to go cross-country to play for an nontraditional school.  He said it seems VERY odd to him that John Wall would leave the backyard of both Duke and Carolina to play for Kentucky.  I don’t think I need to elaborate anymore on the stupidity of that. 

And my favorite part of the Cowherd rant is aimed towards the fans.  He called UK fans “meatheads” 5 or 6 times, saying the “Calipari has never been indicted by the NCAA” argument is stupid.  He compares it to Michael Jackson, who was never convicted by the government, but you wouldn’t let your kids stay with him.  On the surface, its a good analogy, expect you are comparing a supposed child molester to NCAA basketball recruiting.  Apples and oranges, Colin.   

Look, I am not so much of a UK homer to understand where the dislike of Calipari comes from.  He has always toed the line of NCAA rules, and to talk about him moves the needle.  But I also don’t like the fact that UK fans are getting dragged into this, considering it is only natural to support your coach.  It seems odd to me that I have NEVER heard Cowherd bash Pete Carroll despite numerous possible violations in the USC football program.  What’s the difference?


1. Newly updated NBA Mock Draft, with no Jodie Meeks in the first round.  But a large surprise, at least to me, was Stephen Curry at #4 overall to the Kings.  Look, I think Stephen Curry could become the next Steve Nash, but #4 seems high to me for a kid was has a skinnier body than me. 

2. Can you believe that it has almost been a year since the epic battle between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate in the US Open?  And as it turns out, despite losing the title, Mediate may have been significantly more impacted by the tournament than Woods.  Rick Reilly writes a very good article about how Mediate’s life has changed.

3. Here are some more World Series of Poker bracelet winners from the past couple days and what their winnings were:
Kevin Stammen: $506,786
John Brock Parker: $223,697
Brian Lemke: $692,658
Jeffery Lisandro: $124,975
Lisa Hamilton: $195,390
Daniel Alaei: $445,898

4. Our boys over at the Horace Grant Halftime Report ( found this interesting little nugget: Chad Johnson is comparing his relationship to Carson Palmer to that of Brokeback Mountain.

5. The NBA re-shoots its “puppet” commercials with Dwight Howard.

Article written by Bryan the Intern