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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

1. BTI Rant: Is it just me who realizes this or is Albert Pujols on his way to becoming the greatest baseball player who ever lived.  Realize that this guy is only 29 years old!  If you consider that Pujols is playing one of the least wearing positions (1B), and has never been seriously injured.  If you take Pujols’ averages from his first 8 years and assume he can play 20 full seasons in baseball, here is an estimate of Pujols’ stats when he is done:

Home Runs: 797 (1st all-time)

RBI’s: 2442 (1st all-time)

Runs: 2367 (1st all-time)

Hits: 3827 (3rd all-time)

Avg: .334 (20th all-time, only modern day player in Top 20)

He not only has the offense but has also won a Gold Glove, 2 MVP’s and a World Series.  Will his stats dip some at the end of his career: probably.  Meaning most of the predicted stats above are pie in the sky.  But he is still likely to be the greatest offensive player since Mays, and yet he doesn’t get near the credit that A-Rod gets, or Bonds got. 

2. The SEC is taking a stand against the oversigning of football recruits after Ole Miss signed 37 players this year, while the NCAA limit is 25 players enroll in school per class.  Troy University signed 40 players (!) this season.  But what really irked the SEC was that Houston Nutt said he “100 percent knew” that 7 or 8 of his recruits would not qualify anyway.  So the question is “If you knew they 100 percent would not qualify, then why sign them?”  Well, it looks like the SEC is taking a stand, and this oversigning will start to go away.  Or not. 

3. A Nigerian bus driver, also a Manchester United fan, has been arrested.  For what you might ask?  Well, after Man U’s defeat at the hands of evil Barcelona last week, he drove by some fans of “Barca” and proceeded to take out some revenge.  He u-turned his bus and plowed into the fans, killing 4, injuring 10 more.  Luckily in Nigeria, I bet they hand out that death penalty a little quicker than we do here in the US, so that guy probably has whats coming to him. 

4. If you remember the “Cleveland Tourism Videos” that I posted a couple weeks ago, and then Matt posted over me, and then I posted over him, you know that they were funny.  Well, TNT was lucky enough to have that same guy write a video about their studio crew of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Reggie Miller.  And he at least matched himself on this, if not eclipsed the Cleveland videos.  Damn you Matt Jones.

5. A tribute to the white NBA player

Article written by Bryan the Intern