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Barney Gugle (Cards logo after Calipari)   Puddingtime                   Jonathon and Crew

BTI Rant of the Day:  Yesterday, I watched a FANTASTIC story about how the AAU circuit is derstroying high school basketball in this country.  The story goes much deeper, talking about players transferring high schools at the request of AAU coaches, and just how dirty (i.e. shoe companies) the overall scene is.  As a fan, it worries me that coaches at high profile schools like Kentucky, HAVE to skirt the rules to try and get the top players.  Just look at OJ Mayo, a guy who’s handlers clearly had to be paid off to get Mayo to attend their school.  If I remember correctly, Kentucky recruited him as well.  It worries me that Kentucky would have had to pay this guy to come to Lexington.  Calipari has suggested removing recruiting during a portion of the summer.  I like this idea, as it allows the kids to enter the AAU circuit to improve their games, and not worry about being recruited.  But, that means that coaches would only be recruiting during the college season, and that seems like a bit too much responsibility.  The obvious answer is to get rid of these show companies and slimballs who run these tournaments.  The irony of the fact that these tournaments are called AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION tournaments and yet run by people only wanting to make money, is pretty unbelievable.  But something has to change, that is for sure.  Sometimes I have said jokingly, just scrap the rules, let coaches pay as much money as they want to any player they want and let the chips fall where they may.  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that when I see the mass amounts of great players that are heading to Lexington in the future, it makes me nervous to think about how exactly they got there. 

1. How did Larry Bird become so good at basketball?  Because there wasn’t much else to do in French Lick, as this video shows.  And keep in mind, this video was shot in the “urban” part of French Link. 

2. Charles Barkley vs Woman in a push-up contest.  Who do you think wins?  Or the better question is: Who do you think wins considering I am linking to the video?

3. It’s Graduation Season!!!!:  Which means there will be a new rash of videos of people falling down while receiving their diplomas.  Here are 15 classic crashes, including a couple pre-school disasters. 

4. Hilarity ensued at a racetrack in Pheonix when the track announcer does the entire race doing impressions of many celebrities and other famous announcers.

5. For the first time in a very long time (I dont do research), the Preakness officials did not allow infielders to bring their own alcohol into the track.  And reports are it was the most boring infield in Preakness history.  But, with the mass amounts of alcohol missing, we did not get incredible videos like this from the infield.

6. In case you missed it: 2009 Preakness

Article written by Bryan the Intern