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BTI Rant of the Day:  I have said a few times on this website that I think Rajon Rondo will become the best pro player to ever come out of UK.  And inevitably, someone says “BTI, you are a moron, have you ever heard of Dan Issel?”  And I always say “No, I was with your mom during his career!!”  But seriously, Issel was a GREAT professional, but unfortunatly his best playing years came in the ABA.  And I agree that the ABA was a legit pro league, and Issel was VERY good while there, BUT to me that hurts him in this argument.  Let me also say that Rondo HAS NOT passed Issel yet, I am just predicting that he will in the future.  Issel didn’t win an NBA title, Rondo already has one.  I think Rondo has a greater impact during games than Issel did.  If Rondo is able to play his way into the basketball Hall of Fame (which I don’t think is out of the realm), I think this is a slam dunk argument.   

1. You know what we haven’t had yet this MLB season?  A really good brawl.  A good ol’ Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura slugfest.  As you gear up for that, take a look at 12 of the best brawls in sports history.  And no, I am not saying fighting is good for sports, but it sure is entertaining.

2. Roger Clemens is back in the news and….what do you know…..ESPN got the interview.  Because where would ESPN be without Yankees-Red Sox, Brett Favre, Roger Clemens, Duke-North Carolina, and USC football.  I know where they would be: MORE WATCHABLE!!!  Anywho, Clemens basically said nothing, except he suggested that his family has had a history of heart problems, including his stepdad, as if through marriage, you can not become more likely to get a disease.  Anyway, Clemens did steroids.

3. Glen Davis hits game winning shot.  During celebration, he “slaps” a kid on the sidelines.  Kids dad says Davis acted like “raging animal” and the NBA has become too thuggish.  Fan is assaulted by regular human beings.  World moves on.  Those last two sentences may have been what I wanted to happen, but nonetheless, here is another example of someone who wants attention so bad that they don’t care they look like a complete tool.  Reminds me of a frat brother or two I knew in college.

4. You have to visit this website where they basically just show off the worst family photos imaginable.

Article written by Bryan the Intern