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Point-Counter Point:  I think everyday from here on out I am going to give a rant.  Mostly because I LOVE TO ARGUE, and also mostly because you all hate me even more for doing it.  I got no support for my “Ray Allen is overrated” argument yesterday, but I did want to point out your good points and respond.  First, I DO consider Ray Allen a Hall of Famer.  Thats because what his one great skill is (shooting), he is one of the best of all-time.  I use the term “overrated” loosely in this argument because I mean he is not as good as people hold him up to be, mainly TV announcers.  I don’t think at ANY point in his career Ray Allen has been one of the ten best players in the NBA at that time.  NEVER.  Thats my point, and I’m sticking with it.  Oh, and by the way, an absoultely stirring 12-point performance by Allen on Sunday night.

1. BTI Rant of the Day:  What is going on with all the flagrant fouls in the NBA during these playoffs?  Ron Artest has had about 10 of them called, and nearly every single one of them have been crap.  Why is it suddenly “not appropriate” to foul a guy hard when he goes for a layup, especially during the playoffs.  Do you remember the days when Mchale clobbered Rambis?  I looked it up, Mchale was given nothing more than a foul there, and he nearly broke the mans neck.  The NBA is becoming so finese-based, its becoming a little bit more baseball and a little less football.  Meaning a little more sissy, and a little less man.  Yes, baseball players are sissies.  But thats a rant for another day.

2. Michael Phelps continues to have WAAAAAAY too much fun with his Olympic fame. 

3. What in the heck is going on in the world on MLB standings.  Right now the Rangers, Royals, and Blue Jays are all leading their divisions.  And the Mets and Cardinals were both not expected to win theirs.  Only the Dodgers were expected to win their division, and they just lost Manny, meaning the Giants could slip in there.  Is baseball actually getting some balance into their teams, much like the NFL has done?  Could that even be possible?

4. Some Howard Stern goofball throws out TERRIBLE first pitch

Article written by Bryan the Intern