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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


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I am so tired of receiving emails about how this daily post does not belong on the website because this site is about “Kentucky basketball, football, and recruiting news in the most ridiculous way possible.”  I really hope that my one post about something other than UK athletics, out of the 20 posts a day on this site, does not set you into a seizure.  You certainly don’t have to read this site at 10AM if you don’t want.  But, I get more emails from people saying they enjoy the Picks to Click, so that’s good enough for me.  Everyone else the writes for this sits has the recruiting world on lockdown, so my job is to give the other things.  Just wanted it heard that this is the post I am doing, and it will remain the way it is for better or worse.

Hey, remember to keep sending me your pictures for the KSR Gallery at [email protected].  Also, if you are interested in advertising with the website, shoot me a line.  We have gotten TONS of interest about ads, so don’t miss out on the chance to highlight your business.  Let’s do some links:   

1. One big-time recruiting analyst is checking in on whether the Cats ALREADY have the top recruiting class in the country or if John Wall is needed to gain that top spot. 

2. Here is a great summary of the Eric Bledsoe commitment and what it means BIG SCALE for the UK program. 

3. I was wondering if it was just me, or if the NBC call of the Kentucky Derby was terrible.  Turns out, it wasn’t just me.  Tom Durkin is the man’s name, and he is typically a very good announcer.  But, he basically got caught off guard by Mine That Bird, and didn’t even recognize he was winning until the horse had almost reached the finish line.  Tom shouldn’t worry though, he’s got another chance in 1 1/2 weeks.   

4. Please, please, please dear God, NO MORE BRETT FAVRE.  Why can’t the guy get attacked by a gator and have his shoulder bit off?  Anything so that we don’t have to go through this saga again, with ESPN kissing Favre’s grits.  And the worst part of it all: MINNESOTA IS A PERFECT FIT FOR FAVRE.  Great offensive talent around him, and indoors for at least 10 games a year (8 home and 2 against Detroit).  Which means if he comes back, he will probably succeed, meaning we will have more off seasons with this nauseating story. 

5. Look, the economy has been tough on everybody.  I have been laid off twice in the past 8 months, and ALOT of people are just like me.  I had always thought “blog writing skills” would look better on a resume.  Guess Not.  Anyway, newspapers may be getting hit as hard as anyone right now, and at the “Baltimore Sun”, they basically gutted their sports department.  Of course, you would think the staff would get their walking papers during a closed door meeting or something.  Not so much.  A couple of the fellas were informed of their firing WHILE COVERING THE ORIOLES AT THE BALLPARK!!  Here is one of those fired accounts of how it all went down. I don’t care how low the job is on the pay scale, I can not stand firing people over the phone.  Man up, and tell the person face to face.  There is my rant for the day.

Article written by Bryan the Intern