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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

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Also, keep sending me your photos.  We are getting through 3 a day and it will take a couple weeks to get through them all, but I am just putting them up in the order I recieved them.  So, if you haven’t seen yours yet, don’t worry, it will come in the future. 

1. USC Song Girls laying by the pool.  (And you’re welcome!!)

2. If the thought has ever crossed your mind to dunk a basketball off your roof, take these videos as my warning to you to NOT do that. 

3. Have you been keeping up with the back and forth between Miss California Dummy Stupidson and “Celebrity Blogger” Perez Hilton.  Well, if the answer is no, here is a rundown:

-Hilton was a paegent judge and used this forum to ask Miss California what her stand on gay marriage was.  A stupid, innapropriate question for a beauty paegent, but thats what you would expect from a low-life like Hilton.

-Then Miss Cali answered it like you would expect a contestant to answer it, LIKE A MORON.  She talked about people having the right to choose between gay marriage and OPPOSITE marriage, frankly ranking up there with “The Iraq”.  Anyway, she ended up saying she believed marriage was between man and woman.

-It turns out, reports are that answer led to her recieving poor scores and probably costing her the title.  Whoops.

-Then Hilton went on his website, called her a b****.

-Then Miss Cali said she would “pray for Hilton”.  As much as she might think this is a positive statement, its my guess he/she found this insulting. 

-And now they are each hitting the TV circuit, taking shots at one another.

Basically, this is typical America, where we find things completely irrelevant from irrelevant people to be overly interesting.  I don’t think the issue of gay marriage, or any important issue for that matter, should be argued by a beauty contestant and celebrity blogger and taken seriously.  Just my opinion.

4. Ain’t no flopping in cycling, just cheap shots

Article written by Bryan the Intern