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Boy’s Sweet 16 Tournament Schedule

12PM: West Jessamine vs Hazard

1:30PM: Grayson County vs Adair County

6:30PM: Central vs Graves County

8:00PM: #3 Eastern vs #11 Corbin


Here are some tips while picking those always tricky first and second round games in your brackets.  Courtesy of  All stats start from when the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985:

-All 15 seeds that have beat a 2 seed (4 times) won exactly 9 out of their last 10 games.

Teams that apply:Morgan State (vs Oklahoma) 

-14 seeds that score over 76.5 PPG have won 33% of games against 3 seeds, but 14 seeds that score under 76.5 PPG win 3% of those games.

Teams that apply: North Dakota St. (vs Kansas) is the only 14 seed that scores over 76.5PPG

-13 seeds that get between 53-67 percent of their scoring from forwards and centers have 
won 50% of games against 4 seeds.

Teams that apply: Cleveland St. (vs Wake) and Akron (vs Gonzaga)

-12 seeds that have been to the tournament the previous year are 15-14 against 5 seeds. 

Teams that apply: Western Kentucky (vs Illinois), Arizona (vs Utah), and Wisconsin (vs Florida St.) fit that category.

-11 seeds that score over 74.7PPG and win by over 6PPG are 19-16 against 6 seeds. All 
other 11 seeds are 11-50.

Teams that apply: NONE

-8 seeds who went to the tournament the previous year are 31-25 while those that didn’t are 

Teams that apply: BYU (vs Texas A&M)


-Only 3 9-seeds have made the Sweet 16 since 1985. They are 3-49 in 2nd round games, the 
last win came in 2004 when UAB beat Kentucky.

-If a 12 seed wins in the first round, they are also more likely to win in the 2nd round too, 
going 16-15 since 1985. But 13-seeds are only 4-16 in the 2nd round.

-7 seeds are only 18-42 in 2nd round games since 1985, but 10 seeds are 18-18. Point being, a 10-seed is more likely to beat a 2 seed than a 7 seed is.


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2. 99 women in green bikini’s for St.Patrick’s Day.  You’re welcome Patrick and Erica.  

3. A fantastic high school finish.  Take note, both the guy who hits the free throws at the beginning and the guy who wins the game are both going to Illinois.  Have fun on the bench Alex Legion.  Jerk.

4. If this doesn’t get you pumped for March Madness, nothing will.

Article written by Bryan the Intern