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Monday KY State Tournament Schedule
#2 Elliott County vs Ashland Blazer (at Morehead St., 16th region Semis)
#3 Jeffersontown vs #4 Ballard (at Bellarmine, 7th region Semis)
#5 Eastern vs Trinity (at Bellarmine, 7th region Semis)
#7 Mason County vs Montgomery County (at NKU, 10th region Semis)
#9 Shelby Valley vs Lawrence County (at East KY Expo Center, 15th region Final)
#12 Corbin vs North Laurel (at Bell County, 13th region Semis)
#14 Clark County vs Scott (at NKU, 10th region Semis)
#15 Christian County vs Hopkins County Central (at Hopkinsville, 2nd region Semis)
#19 PRP vs Shawnee (at Bellarmine, 6th region Semis)
#20 Anderson County vs Owen County (at Henry County, 8th region Semis)

Saturday Results
#1 Scott County 78, Lafayette 58
#2 Elliott County 88, Russell 61
#7 Mason County 58, Bishop Brossart 35
#9 Shelby Valley 75, Johnson Central 57
#10 Lexington Catholic 75, Madison Central 62
Russell County 65, #11 Warren Central 57
#14 Clark County 58, St. Patrick 47

Sunday Results
#6 Holmes 47, Newport Central Catholic 38
#8 Boone County 55, Highlands 47
#17 North Hardin 57, Taylor County 56

Teams eliminated: #11 Warren Central, #13 Franklin County, #16 Bryan Station, #18 Seneca


It all starts with recruiting in college basketball, and if Tubby Smith had ONE major flaw according to fans, it was his lack of good recruiting.  I tended to say that Tubby was an all or nothing kind of recruiter.  He either recruited studs or busts, without much in the middle.  So, I did a little deeper dig into the recruiting history of Tubby Smith and the early recruiting of Billy G.  It’s tough to compare the two considering Tubby has a decade’s worth of classes, Billy G has 2.  But, just for argument sakes, I have ranked each recruit to come into UK since Tubby’s first full class (1998-99 season) as either STUD, PUSH, or FLOP.  Walk-ons not included. Take a look:

Tayshaun Prince: STUD
Desmond Allison: FLOP (tough call here, but I say too much of a knucklehead)
Jules Camara: PUSH
Todd Tackett: FLOP
J.P. Belvins: FLOP

Keith Bogans: STUD
Marvin Stone: FLOP (like Allison, kicked off team)
Nate Knight: FLOP
Marquis Estill: STUD

Jason Parker: PUSH
Gerald Fitch: STUD
Erik Daniels: STUD
Cliff Hawkins: STUD

Chuck Hayes: STUD
Rashaad Carruth: FLOP
Josh Carrier: FLOP
Adam Chiles: FLOP

Kelenna Azubuike: STUD
Brandon Stockton: FLOP
Bernard Cote: FLOP
Antwain Barbour: FLOP

Shagari Alleyne: FLOP
Bobby Perry: PUSH
Sheray Thomas: FLOP
Lukasz Orrzut: PUSH

Randolph Morris: PUSH
Joe Crawford: STUD
Rajon Rondo: STUD
Ramel Bradley: STUD
Adam Williams: FLOP (listed on 2004 and 2005 recruiting classes)
Patrick Sparks: PUSH

Rekalin Sims: FLOP
Jared Carter: FLOP

Perry Stevenson: PUSH
Derrick Jasper: PUSH
Jodie Meeks: STUD
Michael Porter: FLOP
Ramon Harris: PUSH

AJ Stewart: FLOP
Morakinyo Williams: FLOP

Overall Stats (40 recruits)
STUD: 12 (30%)
PUSH: 9 (22.5%)
FLOP: 19 (47.5%)

The question you gotta ask is: Was this good enough?  I tend to think that if 30% of your recruits become significant contributors to your program, thats a good number.  But, Tubby’s major flaw was his overwhelming amount of busts.  And I am being generous with Derrick Jasper and Perry Stevenson calling them PUSH’s.  I always thought Tubby got a bum rap for his recruiting, as I thought he did a decent enough job.  I mean hell, without his recruits (Ramel, Joe, and Jodie), the last two years would have been pitiful.  BUT, at Kentucky, just recruiting OK isn’t enough.  Take a look at the start of the Billy Gillispie era, with projections for each player. 

Patrick Patterson: STUD
Alex Legion: FLOP

2008-2009 (Projections)
Darius Miller: STUD
Deandre Liggins: FLOP
Josh Harrelson: PUSH
Kevin Galloway: PUSH


The 29th ranked baseball team continues to roll, and do it in dramatic fashion.  They won their 7th straight game, and their 2nd by walk-off home run Sunday, completing a sweep of Indiana State.  That is now 27 straight home wins against non-conference teams as well.

10 reasons to watch the World Baseball Classic.  Yeah, I didn’t know it was going on either.

This guy is pretty sure he won’t be eating breakfast on the day he dies.

Article written by Bryan the Intern