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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

Thursday State Tournament Schedule
#3 Ballard vs Atherton (at Bellarmine, 7th region Quarters)
#4 Jeffersontown vs Male (at Bellarmine, 7th region Quarters)
#5 Eastern vs Manual (at Bellarmine, 7th region Quarters)
#6 Holmes vs Ryle (at NKU, 9th region Quarters)
#10 Lexington Catholic vs Henry Clay (at EKU, 11th region Quarters)
#12 Corbin vs Harlan County (at Bell County, 13th region Quarters)

Wednesday Results
#1 Scott County 77, Madison Southern 47
#8 Boone County 59, Beechwood 52
#9 Shelby Valley 83, Betsy Lane 37
Lafayette 60, #13 Franklin County 58
#15 Christian County 58, Webster County 50 (OT)
#17 North Hardin 84, Green County 45
#19 PRP 58, Southern 44
#20 Anderson County 52, North Oldham 42


I will only say one quick thing about last nights game and this team in general:  You all know I have been on the “Support this Team” side for a very long time.  I stick by that.  But, you should be angry that this team is likely to miss the tournament, that their general play has been pitiful, and it may take a couple seasons to get back.  BUT, those people who threw things at Gillispie after the game are gutless, disgusting examples of fans.  I would be in a crappy mood after the game too if people threw stuff at me.  And we can put down his coaching abilities all we want, but I am SURE that losing last night hurt him as bad as anyone.  If you don’t think he is the right coach, fine.  And if you think he should be fired, thats a stupid opinion, but its your right.  But, show some class and don’t throw stuff at the coach after the game.  Also, those of you claiming you are done watching this team, then don’t bother turning them on again when they get good.  Go watch Tennessee basketball.   

1. Possibly the greatest, most thought out, and meanest prank of all-time.  If this prank was done to me, there would be a physical altercation between me and my friend.  Which I would almost certainly lose, because I am weak.  Unless it was Tomlin, because he has a glass jaw. 

2. On a happy note, the UK baseball team won their 4th straight power, on a walk-off 2-run home run to take down national power Eastern Kentucky. 

3. There may not be a more hated man in one city right now than Jay Cutler in Denver.  Maybe Sherman in Atlanta, but I digress.  Cutler has acted like a big baby for several weeks now, and went so far as to say “he has a stronger arm than John Elway”.  Didn’t this guy go to Vanderbilt?  Shouldn’t he be smarter than that.  Anyway, a local Denver radio host pretty well summed up the feelings of Denver in this interview with Dan Patrick.

4. Big congrats to Courier-Journal columnist and a good friend of mine, Rick Bozich, who has been selected to the National Basketball Writers Hall of Fame.  He follows in the footsteps of great writers such as Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, and Mosley in this Hall of Fame (according to wikipedia).  But in all seriousness, this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (besides Matt Jones) and is well deserving.

5. Woman calls 911 over McDonald’s lacking chicken nuggets.  There should be a national law that says when stupidity like this happens, the police have the right to immediatly throw these people 8 miles away from shore into the ocean.

Article written by Bryan the Intern