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I really think Jared Carter has gotten a bum rap at Kentucky.  I understand that his stats don’t look that appealing.

41 career games

38 career points

141 career minutes

But, why don’t we crunch these numbers just a little bit further, because thats what a dork like me does.  IF Carter had gotten to play for the full 40 minutes in each and every game at UK, and had not been unfairly benched by both Tubby and Billy, what you find is an all-time great.  Jared Carter’s stats suddenly look alot better:

10.6 PPG

13.4 RPG

5.1 BPG

1,441 career points (19th all-time, just ahead of Joe Crawford)

1,748 career rebounds (1st all-time, easily ahead of Dan Issel)

684 career blocks (1st all-time, over 400 blocks ahead of Jamal Magloire)

Point being, there will never be another player like Jared Carter at UK.  He has completely destroyed the record books.  His NCAA career blocks record is one that will never be broken.  And I think we can all admit that the #1 reason for the lack of a Final Four in Jared’s four seasons has been that Jared didn’t play.  We will miss you Jared.  Look forward to the day your jersey hangs in the rafters.    


So, just what does the NCAA Tournament chances for UK look like?  Here is a breakdown of what the Cats are facing.

Mortal Locks-25 teams (teams who could lose every remaining game and still make tournament):
Xavier, UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, UCONN, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Villanova, Syracuse, Michigan St., Purdue, Illinois, Memphis, Butler, Utah, Washington, UCLA, Arizona St., LSU, Gonzaga

Basically Locks-9 teams (teams who barring collapse are in):
Florida St., Texas, Ohio St., Siena, BYU, California, South Carolina, Tennessee, St. Mary’s  (Again, this is my opinion on teams who are comfortably in)

1-bid leagues no matter what-16 teams

Bubble Teams (in no particular order):
Dayton, Rhose Island, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Miami, Oklahoma St., Texas A&M, Kansas St., Providence, West Virginia, Cincinatti, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Penn St., Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, San Diego St., Tulsa, UAB, Creighton, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington St., Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, Davidson, Utah St.

So, by my calculations, that leaves 30 bubble teams fighting it out for 15 spots.  So UK only needs to beat out 15 teams to make an at-large, and by my rough count, I would say they are in right now over 19 of these teams.  All the doom and gloom thrown around by the fanbase recently is honestly not accurate.  Whether or not this team is playing well, that is a different question.  But, whether or not this team is in “good” shape for the NCAA Tournament is another, and right now the Cats are OK.


(WARNING: Click the 2nd link in each number at your own risk!!)

1. The new Top 20 for High School boy’s is out.  Only change is Anderson County joins the group at #20 and Scott High left the group.  Seneca and Bryan Station remain in the Top 20 despite being eliminated from the tournament.  Only the 3rd region begins its tournament tonight, and no team from the Top 20 is in the 3rd region.  But, another 10 regions begin on Wednesday, so look for an updated schedule then. 

2. Speaking of projections, Joe Lunardi has come out with his new projections, and has the Cats as a 10-seed playing Cal, with a possible second round matchup with Kansas.

3. So, I am not really sure if this is funny or not, but I will post it anyway because it is ridiculous.  It’s a video of a hockey game during the paralympic games, in which the Canadiens and Americans get into a brawl. 

4. Which schools have the hottest fanbases?  Lucky for us, the Bleacher Report has compiled a Top Ten list.  Included in the list is 4 SEC schools, but no Kentucky. 

5. So, when you head to Rupp Arena for a game, how many of these annoying fans do you come in contact with.  My least favorite: The Seat Nazi (aka Darrin Horn’s wife, long story) and The One-Trick Heckler.

Article written by Bryan the Intern