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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

1. Let’s start examining some RPI today.  UK is currently 57th in the RPI.  Just for reference, the Cats finished last year 58th in the RPI.  But, for the Cats they only have 3 games left against teams in the Top 30 (Tennessee and twice against Florida), meaning any slip ups will really hurt the RPI.  Other important RPI teams:

7. North Carolina

12. Louisville

27. West Virginia

28. Tennessee

34. Miami (FL)

118. VMI

The Cats have the 119th ranked schedule right now, but that should at least get into the Top 100 as the season goes on.  How bad is the SEC?  Just THIS WEEK, they passed the Mountain West for 6th in conference RPI’s, and they have the 9th rated schedule of all conferences.  UK already has 2 wins against Top 30 teams, they only 3 all of last season.  On the flip side, they already have 8 Over-200 RPI wins this season, while only having 6 last year.  But, you and I already know at the end of the year the thing that will hold the Cats back from a really great seed (1-3) will be the lack of a marquee non-conference win, unless of course West Virginia starts playing a little better.  Despite the fact they have the worst people in America, we all need to cheer the Mountaineers on this season.    

2. John Clay attempts to bring the UK team back down to Earth, arguing Jodie Meeks 54-point performance, while great publicly for the program, could hurt the team because of the thought he SHOULD do that each night. I will defend John a little, he wrote this column before Sunday’s game, and I would bet he has a different opinion after watching the Cats beatdown of Georgia.

3. Alot of rememberance yesterday about MLK Jr., so the World of Issac compiled 5 of the greatest sports speeches ever.

4. In today’s edition of “who is acting like a prick”, the award goes to Anquan Boldin, WR for the Arizona Cardinals.  Little Anquan was not too happy about not being the focus of the offense in the 2nd half of the NFC Championship, which someone needs to tell Baby Anquan they WON!!!  Someone also needs to tell Immature Anquan that the reason he is not the focus of the offense is because LARRY FITZGERALD IS BETTER!!!!!

I forgot to post this yesterday, but a crazy scene at Saturday’s Marquette-Providence game.  Some guy gets smacked in the face, and no foul is called.  Clearly, it was a foul, but hey officials make mistakes.  Shortly after, another Providence guy gets fouled and heads to line.  While waiting to shoot, the first guys brother stomps onto the court and confronts the official.  Watch the video.  This guy deserved to get his ass slammed by security for coming on the court. He doesn’t though.  And I would have been OK with the official punching the guy.  My favorite part is the camera cutting to the player who’s eye is swollen and he begins making some ridiculous scene.  Seems like a good, solid family there.  More importantly, lets hope this guy is banned from attending his brother’s game EVER again.  No jail time or probation.  I bet banning him from the arena would be the worst punishment.

Article written by Bryan the Intern