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As you all have probably noticed, over the last few weeks, I have refrained myself from putting my opinion as much into these posts as I had in the early months of this year.  But, I cant help but put my two cents into yesterday’s trade of Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers.  So, here is whats got me a bit fumed:

(1) The Red Sox basically traded Manny Ramirez away for Jason Bay.  They recieved no other prospects, nothing but Jason Bay.  Tell me how they improved their team by replacing Manny with Jason Bay!!  As Colin Cowherd so beautifully put yesterday:

“Manny Ramirez was striking out while not trying.  Jason Bay strikes out while trying.”

Jason Bay is average at best, and now has to go into the pressure cooker that is Boston.  All this trade did was eliminate Boston from World Series contention.  I was right about Shaq way back when, and I GUARANTEE I am right about this.

(2) Manny needs the everlasting crap beat out of him.  Instead of realizing how idolized he was in Boston, how he was playing for the defending World Series champions, and was protected in the order by power hitters galore, he instead acted like a spoiled little brat athlete.  He is the worst kind of athlete in society.  He has clearly lost all perspective on the REAL WORLD.  When he has no protection in the order and is sitting home for the playoffs, lets hear Manny cry like a child then.

(3) The Dodgers improved their team obviously, but it doesnt mean they have a shot at the World Series.  The thing they have going for them is they play in the weakest division in baseball, but once they face Philadelphia and/or Chicago, Manny dont help.  That being said, LA had to make that deal.  The problem I have is I would for once like to see an organization not collapse in on itself on these spoiled athletes.  Situations like this is why I love college sports, and only like the pro ones.

As you can tell, I hate Manny now, and seriously hope a fly ball hits him the groin.  Your comments are welcome.

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Article written by Bryan the Intern