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As I sit here this morning watching the first day of Wimbledon, it brought to mind a discussion on the Front Row Ticket w/Jody Demling and Rick Bozich from last week about the greatest venues in sports.  Pretty tough to pick a Top 10, but here were mine (keep in mind that several factors go into my list including history, tradition, great players and moments in those arenas, so its not just enjoyment of watching a game):

1) Augusta National (beauty+history+difficulty= the best)
2) Yankee Stadium (no stadium has seen more titles or Hall of Famers)
3) Fenway Park (if it weren’t for that whole curse thing, it would be the best, probably the best park to WATCH a game)
4) Lambeau Field (does any NFL stadium even come close)
5) Phog Allen Fieldhouse (great fanbase and great atmosphere, also the birthplace of college basketball)
6) Centre Court, Wimbledon (challenges Augusta for the most pristene sports arenas)
7) Daytona International (birthplace of racing+biggest race of the year)
8 ) Notre Dame Stadium (when the team is good, its the best in college football)
9) Louisiana Superdome (one of the few places thats better suited for a big event and NOT the home team)
10) Madison Square Garden (so many great events in so many sports puts it on the list)

1. This report from the Herald-Leader was filed on Saturday and says that UK HAS NOT contacted Jordan Crawford.  My thinking is so what.  Crawford isn’t the next coming, he’s a solid player, but if I was him I would have stayed at IU.  He would have gotten 20+ shots a game.  He also had some charecter issues at IU.  That being said, Joe did as well at UK but turned things around.  So you never know about a guy. 

2. One guy many UK fans have forgotten about at the WR position next season is Randall Cobb, a talented QB out of high school who is switching to reciever because of the log jam at the QB spot.  This guy led his team to 2 straight TN state titles and has been called one of the most athletic incoming freshmen. 

3. Here are your updated Ryder Cup standings.  Of note: Kenny Perry moved up one spot to 6th, JB Holmes dropped one spot to 15th, and Steve Flesch dropped a spot to 35th. 

4. This should be getting more pub nationally, and it really isn’t, but there is something special going on at the College World Series right now.  Quite possibily the most improbable run to the title is happening, and its worth watching.  Fresno St., seeded 4th coming into the tournament, is now just 2 out of 3 games away from a national title.  They do have to go through SEC champ Georgia to do it, but I like underdogs, so I am cheering for Fresno.  If you don’t understand how improbable this is, a 4 seed in the NCAA baseball tournament is like a 13-16 seed in the basketball version.  Remember George Mason was only a 12 seed when they reached the Final Four, so this is an even bigger surprise than that.     

5. With the NBA Draft right around the corner, “The Recliner GM” looks at the worst and best picks at every spot in the 1st round of this decade.   

6. So, ever wondered how the career of Nuke LaLoosh ended up?  Well, Sports Illustrated’s Austin Murphy gives us the lowdown.  And quite frankly, if you dont know who LaLoosh is, just stop reading the blog and never come back.

Article written by Bryan the Intern