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It is my 13th birthday today, meaning I have officially entered the best years of my life.  And today I remember the good days of UK sports, when Guy Morris ruled the sidelines and Rashad Carruth was amazing.  Oh, those were the days.  Nonetheless, I hope with this milestone birthday my posts will become much more mature and sophisticated.  Or at least jump past Tomlin.     

My thoughts from yesterday’s US Open playoff:

(1) Tiger got fairly lucky to win for this reason: the 18th hole was perfect for him and the worst possible type of hole for Mediate.  Rocco could not reach it in two no matter where he hit his drive.  Tiger obviously had an advantage there. 

(2) I still respect what Tiger did this week tremendously.  I don’t care if you are a Tiger fan or not, you have to respect a guy just off surgery, not anywhere near 100%, winning this country’s open tournament on the hardest course the pros will play this year.

(3) While Rocco was likeable, he was also slightly annoying.  I am sorry, but losing in a playoff wouldn’t make me smile that much.  You can’t hate him, but he seemed way too content on not winning.

(4) Torrey Pines was a wonderful venue.  Several holes made the players think and make tough choices.  The course was difficult but not unfair and the rough was penalizing but not ridiculous.  Well done USGA, for once.

(5) Johnny Miller could fall off the face of the Earth and I wouldn’t even flinch.  And I truly don’t care if pit bulls fresh off a Mike Vick fight chased him off the face of the Earth. 

Great study done by the Birmingham News that ranked the history of SEC schools in each sport, then combined them to determine to greatest sports program in SEC history.  Your winner was Florida, while UK slipped into 5th place.  Here are UK’s rankings in some of the major sports:

Men’s Basketball: 1st (also rank 1st in major NCAA violations but thats another story)

Women’s Basketball: 9th

Football: 10th

Baseball: 11th

Softball: 12th

Volleyball: 3rd

I think we all know where UK makes its mark.  As if there was a question. 

Mark Story addresses many UK basketball topics, including the non-recruitment of Shelvin Mack and an honor from UK coming the way of Rajon Rondo. 

Do the Cincinatti Reds need Homer Bailey?  He was a 1st round pick, but up to this point he has only shown potential.  And with the emergence of Johnny Cueto and Edison Volquez, do they have enough young pitching.  I am starting to lean towards using Bailey as trade bait. 

This commerical is completly in French, but I think you will get the basic idea.  Flopping in any sport sucks.  The end.

Article written by Bryan the Intern