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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


1. In what has been a fairly average year in UK athletics (1st round NCAA loss, football goes 8-5, baseball loses in regionals), we now get to celebrate a national championship.  No, not in cheerleading again, but discus thrower (if thats what you call them) Rashaud Scott took home the title in Des Moines Friday.  It’s UK’s first national champion in track and field in 12 years and the first to win an outdoor event in UK history.   

2. I am man enough to admit when I was wrong, and I was wrong about the Kentucky boys All-Star team this year.  I predicted 2 double digit losses.  Instead, they split with the Indiana boys, losing by 1 in Indy and winning by 17 (box score included) in Louisville.  I think as it turned out, the Kentucky team had less Division 1 talent, but the D-1 talent they did have (Miller, Hopson, Mack) were alot better than the Indiana counterparts.  Nonetheless, good to see the Kentucky boys at least competitive in this series.  Also, the KY girls crushed the IN girls twice.   

3. You may remember the story after the NFL Draft about the Army grad who will be let out of his service so he can play in the NFL, and the uproar it caused.  Clearly that was an Army-only rule, because the Navy is not letting a guy out of his commitment after being drafted in the MLB Draft last week.  My thought: I’m OK with this, nobody forced this kid to join the Navy in the first place, so the Navy has the right to make him uphold his commitment, especially in a time of war.  But, I also support the Army’s stance that having a grad starring or potentially starring in the NFL would be a good PR move.  The problem with this new story is the guy has started whining about his career being destroyed and blah blah blah.  I once again say: you made the choice to enlist, suck it up.  On second thought, not real sure if this guy is super-committed to defending the country, so let him go. 

4. Answer this riddle of sorts:  Is Tiger Woods vulnerable because he is driving the ball all over the course and is playing on one leg.  Or is he unbeatable because he has found a way to get into a playoff despite driving the ball all over the course and playing on one leg.  Win or lose today (and loss is a definate possibility), his performance this week has been one of his best.  And whatver happened to good ole’ 36-hole playoffs like they did in the 1940’s.  Let’s imagine Tiger needing to play 36 on one leg after struggling through 18 for 4 days.   

5. Remember Marcus Vick?  He’s the guy that learned from his brother not to fight dogs.  He also the guy who made good with some UK fans (not me) when he stomped on the knee of UL All-American Elvis Dumervil in the Gator Bowl a couple years back.  Yeah, well if that little incident and the fact that he is from the Vick family didn’t clue you in, this guy is an idiot.  Probably a bigger dummie than his brother.  Turns out little Marcus thought he could get drunk, drive, and then try and flee a bicycle cop.  Clearly he was too dumb to realize that bicycle cops can always call the boys in the cars. 

6. A list of some unbreakable modern baseball records.  Is the 56-game hitting streak still the greatest baseball record?  I think you will come to find that with steroids hopefully dying out in baseball, 73 home runs in a season will become more unbreakable.  Consider that no one NOT on steroids has come within 13 of that record.  Of course, no one has come within 14 of Dimaggio’s record so I might just be making another stupid argument like I tend to do.  I just think that someday we will get a guy with blazing speed that can bunt his way on at least once a game and luckily get past 56 games. 

Article written by Bryan the Intern