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Very Interesting Fact of the Day:  The last time UK DID NOT win at least 10 games at Rupp Arena in a season was the 1998 National Championship team, which only went 9-3 at home.   

1. For what seems like the 58th straight season, UK led the nation in basketball attendance, once again proving that Syracuse is really not a great basketball program.  If UK had a 30,000 seat dome, you better damn believe those seats would get filled.  How large of arena do you think UK could fill for EVERY home game?  35,000?   

2. If you are a person that struggles to go to sleep, dont worry, EURO 2008 begins tommorow.  Sorry, shameless jab at soccer, even though I will admit you will probably see some great soccer during this tournament.  But, I can’t go on without also linking the commercial ESPN has run for EURO 2008, which is 30 seconds of Italian players whining, which I find odd that ESPN would want to highlight that part of the game.

3. So, you can basically bet on anything, but something you might have not guessed: your survival of a disease, namely cancer.  A guy in Britain actually found a bookie that took a bet he could live through testicular cancer at 50-1 odds.  Well the guy won, bringing home around 10,000 dollars.  So, what did the guy do next?  Bet he could make it another year.  Not to be morbid here, but we are all gonna die someday, and whether its due to cancer or not, if this guy just keeps going double or nothing, he or his family will end with nothing. 

Article written by Bryan the Intern