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Back from my 3-day absence from the website, so now you all can get back living happy lives and not cry all day.  I just moved into an apartment and I think my backyard is pretty nice, as pictured above.  I dont know who that weird man walking in my backyard is though.  Nonetheless, I am back for regular postings, better than ever: 

It’s time to assess the major conferences and how they performed in the Fall 2007-Spring 2008 athletic season.  I figure the best way to compare the conferences is not by national titles, but by appearances in those sports premeire events, such as the Final Four.  Also, I only considered basketball, football, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, and volleyball in this “study” as lacrosse and field hockey just ain’t played by enough schools.  Here’s my criteria:

Basketball (Men’s and Women’s): Final Four  
Football: BCS Games
Baseball and Softball: World Series
Hockey: Frozen 4
Soccer: Final 4
Golf: Top 15 (those were the teams who got to play in the final round)
Volleyball: Final 4
Tennis: Top 16 (teams that advanced to the NCAA Championships in Tulsa)

So, below are the number of appearances of each major conference in these particular events, with which schools participated in parentheses:

Pac-10: 24 appearances (Stanford(4), UCLA(7), USC(7), Arizona(1), Arizona St.(2), Washington(1), Cal(2)

SEC: 23 appearances (Tennessee(2), LSU(3), Georgia(5), Florida(5), Alabama(3), Arkansas(2), Auburn(1), Mississippi(1), Vandy(1)

ACC: 18 appearances (North Carolina(2), Virginia Tech(3), Clemson(2), Duke(2), Wake (2), Virginia(2), Florida St.(2), Miami (1), Georgia Tech(1), Boston College(1)

Big 10: 13 appearances (Ohio St.(4), Illinois(2), Purdue(1), Michigan(2), Northwestern(1), Penn St.(2), Wisconsin(1) 

Big 12: 12 appearances (Kansas(2), Oklahoma(1), Texas A&M(3), Oklahoma St.(2), Baylor(2), Texas(2)

Big East: 5 appearances (Connecticut(1), West Virginia(1), Louisville(1), Notre Dame(2)

Allright, lets get 1 thing out of the way: Yes, I consider Notre Dame part of the Big East.  And if you want to argue with me realize that UK doesn’t play soccer in the SEC, so that should end that conversation.  Couple other observations from the list:

(1) While the Pac-10 has a larger number, the SEC has more teams included with 9.  And without UCLA and USC, you only have a total of 10 appearances.  Take away the SEC’s two major contriubutors (Florida and Georgia) and you still have 13 total appearances.

(2) The Big East is without doubt the weakest conference in the country.

(3) Texas is not as good at sports at you might think.

(4) The ACC may have the most depth of anyone in the country.  And when you consider they still have North Carolina, Miami, Florida St. and NC State hosting super regionals this week, their number could increase big time.   

So, for the SEC to win the overall race this year, they need Georgia and LSU to win super regionals and Arizona, Arizona St., and Stanford to all get eliminated.  So, GO MIAMI, FRESNO ST. AND CAL STATE FULLERTON.

1. Here is your Matthew Pilgrim homepage from  Just so you can get an idea about how he performed last season. 

2. The Courier-Journal’s Eric Crawford praises Derrick Jasper for his contribution and selflessness throughout last season, but also calls it one of the more baffling tranfers in recent UK history.

3. I haven’t posted one of these in a long while but this one is one of the better lists.  The Top 50 hottest female athletes of ALL-TIME.  Hello Peggy Fleming.   

4. You have to check out the list of the highest earning American athletes of 2007.  You can give baseball all you want about it’s excessive spending practices, but if there is a league that spends worse than the NBA, you please let me know.  Michael Finley freakin made over 20 million dollars this year!!!!  Just the fact that he made 500,000 in endorsements seems ridiculous to me. 

5. A list (with accompanying video clips) of the 10 worst sports broadcasters.  Mike Patrick is WAAAAAYYYYY too low on this list.

Article written by Bryan the Intern