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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


I figure its already time to review my preseason predictions for the MLB season.  Please keep laughter to a minimum:

March 31st predictions: 

NL East: New York Mets
NL Central: Chicago Cubs (Reds finish 2nd)
NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks
Wildcard: Philadelphia Phillies (San Diego is gonna be real good also)
AL East: Boston Red Sox
AL Central: Detroit Tigers
AL West: Anaheim Angels
AL Wildcard: New York Yankees (watch out for Seattle)

I do have 3 of the 6 division winners at this point in the Cubs, D-Backs, and Angels.  But, the Mets sit in 4th, 3 games under .500, the Red Sox are in 2nd (and does anyone really think the Rays will actually hold on to that division), and Detroit is in dead last in the AL Central.  Not to mention my team to watch out for, Seattle, has the worst record in the majors, and the Reds are terrible and won’t even sniff 2nd place in that division.  I also said San Diego was gonna “be real good” and they have the 2nd WORST record in the majors.  So, if there ever was a better example of why I am not an expert, and people should not take what I say to heart, this is it.  Now, on to what I do well, giving you links:

1. A night gets no more exciting for a Reds fan than last night when Jay Bruce finally debuted for Cinci, and responded by going 3-3 in a 9-6 Reds win.  I still dont understand why the Reds have stunk so bad this season in a relatively weak NL Central.  They have 4 compatent pitchers in Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, and Voquez, and now have a decent if not good lineup with Dunn, Phillips, Votto, Bruce, and Griffey all threats at the plate.  Not to mention that have a great young closer in Fransisco Cordero.  The rest of the bullpen stinks to high heaven, but that alone shouldn’t put them this far down in the standings.  As you see above, I picked the Reds to finish 2nd in the division this year, they have the talent to do that, and up to this point they are as underperfroming a team in the majors outside the Tigers.  

2. Alright, was is a foul or was it a no-call?  Let the debate begin.  For once, the Spurs have reason to be upset as Brent Barry gets jumped on at the end of last night’s game.  My problem is that is a foul in EVERY other part of the game, and maybe even continuation would give Barry 3 shots to win the game.  But, you HAVE to make that call.  And from a personal standpoint, I wanted the Spurs to win that game just so the series would be longer.  That being said, the Lakers deserved to win that game, outplayed the Spurs for most of it, and I think have got to be the favorites to win the NBA Title now. 

3. UK Baseball ace Chris Rusin is headed back home for the NCAA Regionals and the Courier-Journal highlights his story.

4. The Herald-Leader’s John Clay says its time for the UK Baseball team to take that next step and get past a NCAA regional. 

5. Very interesting thing I noticed on yesterday.  You can do this thing where you make your own NBA Draft.  You put the guys where you think/want them to be drafted.  And they list the “Top 45” prospects to choose from.  And who is one of the those prospects but John Reik.   

6. You know, I love them, I hate them, I go back and forth, but I think I have finally figured it out.  I love the Red Sox TEAM and I hate their fans.  And my hate for the fans greatly exceeds my love for the guys on their team.  You know all that pointing Manny does when he does something stupidly funny, I think he is actually pointing in the crowd saying “look there’s another physcho who doesn’t want to murder me because I hit a double.  YEA!!!!”  Anyway, here is another example of fandom gone wrong

Article written by Bryan the Intern