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Since all the focus has been on two recruits (Avery and Zollo) and the after-effects (Tipton and Maggard), I thought we would shift attention to the other guys headed to Lexington over the next 3 years.  But, since I have ZERO expertise in this subject, I thought I would turn to the best expert I know (besides Matt Jones, of course), Evan Daniels of  And I figure since very few of you have actually seen any of UK’s recruits (besides Darius Miller) play, you would get the view from a guy who has seen each play several times.  Added on to this is a little compasion, because I feel like once recruits commit to UK, they become over-hyped.  So, in parentheses, I give you the player from the class of 2007 who ranks the same as one of the recruits.  As you can see, don’t expect all of these guys to come in immediatly and be stars, most of their comparable players didn’t this season.  

Darius Miller: Miller has a strong frame and has clearly devoted some time to get his body in shape and prepared for the college level. He’s become a solid shooter from three, but still needs to aggressive, rather than the passive role he sometimes falls into. (Scout Ranking: #7 SF, Comparison: Chandler Parsons-Florida, 8.1ppg, 4.0rpg)

DeAndre Liggins: Derrick Jasper is a great comparison for Liggins. He’s not a great shooter or scorer for that matter, but he plays hard and is versatile. Liggins is capable of playing multiple positions, he sees the floor well and can create for teammates. (Scout Ranking: #5 SF, Comparison: Jamelle Horn-Arizona, 3.0ppg, 2.7rpg) 

Jon Hood: Apparently he had a few rough games in Arkansas, but I wouldn’t worry about him, as he was just coming off an injury and clearly has potential. At 6-foot-7 he’s pretty athletic, shoots the ball very well and even seeks jumpers off the bounce. (Scout ranking: #8 SF, Comparison: Jeff Robinson-Memphis, 3.0ppg, 2.3rpg)

GJ Vilarino: He’s had a rough spring, but is still talented. He’s athletic and long, where he needs to improve is his shooting and creating for teammates. (Scout ranking: #18 PG, Comparison: Demontez Stitt-Clemson, 8.8ppg, 3.0apg)

Dominique Ferguson: Love his potential. He’s long, athletic and is an equipped scorer inside. Ferguson will also face up and shoot over defenders. Right now we liked him in our Top 10 and I don’t seeing him falling out of that any time soon. (Scout Ranking: #3 PF, Comparison: Patrick Patterson-Kentucky, 16.4ppg, 7.7rpg)

Dakotah Euton: For a guy his size he does shoot the ball very well and his face up game is probably his calling card. Going forward strength and rebounding are concerns, but there’s time to get this straightened out. (Scout Ranking: #13 PF, Comparison: Jeff Allen-Virginia Tech, 11.8ppg, 7.6rpg) 

KC Miller: He did play too well at the Boo Williams, but he rebounded a few weeks later in Dallas at the Next Level Tournament. Solid handler that sees the floor. He likes to pull up for mid-range jumpers as well. Consistency is key with him as he’s got to start bringing it every night. (Scout Ranking: #15 PG, Comparison: Jamelle Mcmillian-Arizona St., 2.6ppg, 2.1apg) 

1. Great story in the Courier-Journal highlighting the barnstorming tour in all it glory. 

2. I am gonna piggyback on what Matt mentioned earlier, Chris Paul is ridiculous and should have been the MVP.  He is the “most valuable” to his team and I think it can be debated he is just flat out the best player in the league.  I have to comment on something else today, and that was a readers belief that Rajon Rondo is the 2nd best point guard in the league RIGHT NOW.  WHAT??????  Rondo is great and all that, but I put him 5th on the point guards just left in the playoffs.  (Paul, Parker, Williams, Billups, Rondo, Fischer, Nelson, Gibson).  Back to the original point, I think Chris Paul will eventually become the NBA’s best point guard since Magic.  He’s not there yet because he hasn’t won enough, but that will come.  And the East is still boring and pointless.

3. This guy has gotten alot of pub on ESPN and the blogs, but since when does a guy being able to keep a hold on his infant while catching a fly ball represent a good parent.  A good parent probably guards their child from taking a ball to the soft noogin.  I mean, congrats to the guy for pulling off the feat, but I picture him missing the ball, dropping the kid over the railing or any number of awful things happening (understand i say all of this with a sense of sarcasm and am actually somewhat impressed by this guy).

Article written by Bryan the Intern