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Bruce Pearl’s orange sportscoat continues to ruin the lives of Tennessee fans

No pit stains yet?  Nice.

There are few things in this world more ingrained with pure evil than the sweat-soaked, blindingly bright, puke orange jacket of Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl.  Since the touchy teacher stepped on campus in March 2005, Tennessee fans have been beaten down (gladly in most cases) by a variety of goofy mid-major tactics, including their offense, but no stunt has been more of a thrashing than the gimmicky, orange, dookie with sleeves that Pearl sports for the “big” games.  The last I remember (and I’m not taking the time to fact check), Tennessee was hovering around the .500 mark when Brucie Poo wore his orange jacket, which is sure to torture any Tennessee fan that thinks the program is on the cusp of being elite.  Well, that and the fact that they can’t get past the Sweet 16. 

 Well, the jacket’s evil is now directly attacking Tennessee fans off the court as well.  Apparently, about a year ago, these two people formed a business to manufacure and sell this fashion crime to other color-blind Vol fans.  It turns out that their new partnership didn’t go to well and they’re now suing each other.  How would you like to be the judge in charge of handling the case of two Tennessee fans caught in a battle of wits?  That has to be more frustrating than driving lessons from Stevie Wonder.  I’m assuming that these hideous jackets are no longer available, but I don’t read so good, so you’re on your own for that one.

That’s all I’ve got.  Sorry.  How about a few notes?

 – The final bracket in The Real King of The Bluegrass tournament will almost certainly not be revealed tonight.  While, I’m sure that roughly 50,000 hits a day are generated by this fascinating, non-subjective tournament, you’ll have to survive without it tonight, my friends.  I encountered some travel problems today from my trip from Tampa to Louisville and have had limited internet access.  Which brings me to my next point….

 – I shared a flight with Opa Locka, Fla.’s Mark Lieberman and Ray Shipman today.  Lieberman will be coaching the gold team in Saturday’s Derby City and Shipman, a Florida signee, will be suiting up for the gold squad.  Being the smooth operator that I am, I used my best pick-up line and got coach Lieberman’s number.  I spoke with him a few minutes ago and they’re heading off to a practice at 4, where he will meet most of the players for the first time and try to get a better grasp on the events and who is participating/playing with who over the next few days.  We will have some more in-depth information for you tomorrow.

I love you Derrick.  That’s all.

Article written by Thomas Beisner