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Bruce Pearl Continues his Discrimination of Mexican Jews


Beisner brought this up earlier today, but I thought it worthy of its own post. Bruce Pearl is coaching Team USA in the Jewish Olympics this week. Team USA is the favorite in the basketball games (surely led by the Jewish Jordan kid that was supposed to go to Maryland I would presume) and has been doing quite well. So well in fact, that Pearl beat the Mexican Jewish team 112-13. Now there are a number of questions raised by this beating. How is it that there is no outrage from the media? Remember when the high school girls team won by 100 and the coach got fired? Well why isnt Pearl being fired, or at least facing the wrath of the Gentile media? Plus, how did Pearl get the job anyway? Are you trying to tell me there werent more qualified Jewish basketball players and coaches out there?….oh wait, I guess there arent. Good for you Brucie!

But the bigger question raised by all of this is my surprise that there is a Jewish Mexican basketball team. Basketball is not a huge sport to begin with in Mexico. Then you have the fact that there would seem to be the same number of Jews in Mexico as there are Perez Hilton bumper stickers in Letcher County. With that combination, how can there be a Mexican Jewish basketball team? Seriously what is the talent pool they are selecting from for that group? Granted, we all know the exploits of Pedro Goldberg and Deigo Bernstein, but what other famous Jewish Mexican athletes exist to field a team? Has there ever been a more specialized nitch than the “Jewish Mexican basketball player” subgroup? If you put that description on anything but a Saturday Night Live sketch theme, you would be laughed off the set. It just cant be real.

Sadly however it is. And Bruce Pearl exploited it. So I beg of you UK fans, we must rise up and take up for our Mexican Jewish hoopsters. What Bruce does to my brothers, he does to me. Next time you see Pearl, show him a picture of a weeping Rod Carew or an angry Vincente Fox. This type of aggression cannot stand. Pearl, beat up on Tennessee-Martin, Carson-Newman or Buzz Peterson all you want. But leave the Mexican Jews out of it. You will pay Bruce…Tu Tienes Mucha Chutzpah sir.

Article written by Matt Jones