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Bring Back Michael Porter


Yes I am serious. Tonight on the CW show with Chip Cosby, a caller called in with a suggestion. With one scholarship open and going unused next season, why not bring back Michael Porter? At first it sounds like an odd suggestion. Porter was often criticized while at UK and fans were more often frustrated than excited by his play. Porter was a PG during his first three years at UK and with the addition of Wall and Bledsoe, the chances of him seeing the court at that position add up to less than zero. In addition, he has a baby and has graduated and seems content to move on with his life after basketball. With all of that, a return to basketball seems at first glance to be unlikely and unsatisfying.

But then Chip and I dug a little deeper. Having Porter on the team does no one any harm. Calipari has suggested to Andy Katz that he does not plan on filling the scholarship with another recruit, and if that is the case, it will simply sit open until next season. If Porter comes and plays, he will have it for one year and it will open at the end of the season…exactly the same as if it went un-used. Having Michael on the team would allow for some Senior leadership and even if he gets little playing time, it would not hurt the team to have a guy who has been through the battles during his time in Lexington. So why not?

Further, there could be situations in which Porter is helpful. The biggest weakness on this team right now is shooting. With Jodie gone, there are no three point shooters that have shown themselves to be reliable on the Division I stage and only Darnell Dodson is billed as knock-down shooter at the next level. Michael Porter was always said to have played out of position and to have been more of a SG than a PG at Kentucky. Here he has a chance to potentially come off the bench, have no responsibility bringing the ball up the court and can simply try and make shots. If people are correct that Porter’s game was always more Cameron Mills than Travis Ford, this could be the team where a player like that could be occasionally useful to hit threes off other player’s penetration. So why not?

Plus, playing on a winning team before he exits UK would be a good ending to Michael’s time at UK. He was part of two teams that were coached by a bizarre figure and he often bore the brunt of criticism that likely should have been sent towards the man in charge. Porter did what he was asked and simply didnt have the talent to run the PG position at an elite university. However that doesnt mean he cant have some role on a team. Allowing he (and Perry and Ramon) to finish on a top level team after having three coaches in four years and experiencing almost unprecedented turmoil would be a great reward for what has been a difficult college experience. Porter might even find that the fans will embrace him in this new role and that he could become (gasp) a fan favorite. So why not give it a shot?

I have long advocated for Michael Porter to get his due at Senior Day next year. But with one scholarship open and Calipari seeming to have no intentions of filling it before next season, why not bring back Porter to let him finish his career on top. Michael may not have wanted to continue his time at Kentucky, but he didnt have a chance to make that decision in a “no pressure” situation like may exist now. With Porter on the team, a young man who has given a lot to the University could be rewarded for his time served. Plus the team gets a player that could, in certain situations, be helpful. Chip and I ended the show by saying, “bring back Michael Porter!” and the more I think about it, the more I like it.

So Cal, give it a shot…an inspirational tweet here, a shout out to the Kentucky family there…bring Michael Porter back and let him finish the 2009-2010 UK roster.

Article written by Matt Jones