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Brent Musberger, NCAA Mouthpiece

Last night in the BCS Tostitos National Tortilla Championship Fiesta Bowl Title Game (presented by University of Phoenix), Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit were saddled with the unenviable task of explaining the Cam Newton decision by the NCAA–between in-game Directv spots, of course. Apparently ESPN expected millions of viewers from Tunisia whose only contact with the Newton decision came from Bleacher Report slideshows, so they left it to Musberger to give us the quick and dirty. Instead of glossing over the detestable events of yore, peppering explanations with “mistake” or “reckless,” Musberger openly cooed about Cecil Newton’s bravery in the face of adversity and how he’s some sort of hero or something. Which, for chrissakes, doesn’t make a lick of sense and, frankly, is sickening and insulting.

Now, I don’t necessarily believe that Cam Newton should have been suspended or reprimanded or whatever. However, on college football’s biggest stage, Musberger felt the need to add validity to the Newton situation so that we all knew that everything was on the up and up. Whether Musberger was directed by the NCAA, ESPN, or he took this upon himself is irrelevant. His opus simply proves that the NCAA is the supreme being and their decisions are not only final, but ones that the public are expected to believe to be right and just.

I think you can see where this is going.

Obviously I have a major bias with regards to the Enes Kanter decision by the NCAA. But, given the facts of both cases, they seem fairly similar (though Newton’s situation is far more nefarious than Kanter’s seems). Still, the refrain from the national media is consistent: Sorry, Cal. He was a pro. (You do have to give Dick Vitale credit, in this regard. Typically a bloviating–and entertaining!–bag of bombast, Vitale made a statement during the Texas-UConn game about the situation and, in so many words, unveiled the NCAA for what they were: A bunch of old men with a hard-on to tell Calipari to get bent.)

But, fine, the Kanter decision is what it is. It’s frustrating, though, to hear NCAA brass and media members alike glibly dismiss the case as some wacky risk Calipari took in the face of all that is sacred in collegiate athletics. I get it. He got paid “above and beyond” prior to enrolling in school so he’s not allowed to play. Hey, rules are rules. But understand this decision runs counter to Newton’s–and logic–so you sound foolish defending Newton while denouncing Kanter.

It seems, at least to me, that implicitly telling every AAU coach, parent, cousin, friend, friend’s dad, grandparent, teacher, advisor, scoreboard operator, and neighbor that, hey, shop your kid around. Just keep it quiet. And for someone as good as Cam Newton, you can get some pretty good scratch.

So, yes, great work, Cam. You are very good at football. But forgive me for demonizing your father rather than vaulting him to some pedestal of mental fortitude and morality because Brent Musberger wants me to and the NCAA says it’s OK.

Article written by Evan Hilbert

49 Comments for Brent Musberger, NCAA Mouthpiece

  1. Twitter Account Denied
    12:06 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Lets say that my boy grows up to be a fantastic football player. Every school is recruiting him. I know what to do. When a coach visits, I just say “Hey, son, go to your room while me and coach talk.” He won’t ever know if my wallet gets fatter, right?

  2. I can't believe its not butter
    12:10 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Eff the NCAA! I wish Calipari would [email protected]*#-punch the whole establishment.

  3. minton
    12:10 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Oregon won the chamnpionship last night. They just don’t know it yet. It will be vacated and given to them in a couple years.

  4. Logic Brain
    12:12 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Brent Musberger also explained how Cam’s daddy was not in attendance tonight due to the controversy it might bring. What? According to the NCAA everything is on the up and up. So why would it matter if daddy was there or not? Just the fact that it had to be explained shows anyone with an ounce of common sense that the NCAA is a joke.

  5. Logic Brain
    12:14 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Oh yeah, Dickey V was on Mike and Mike this morning. He rambled on about the NCAA being unfair to Enes. Usually can’t stand to hear his voice but today I actually listened, agreed, and enjoyed. Free NCAA.

  6. Wildcat Singularity
    12:17 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Brent Dustberger might be the worst announcer in sports. An old fart to end all old farts, who speaks slowly, throwing around big words that aren’t really the best choice for what he’s saying, pretending that somehow all athletes are “good guys” and that sports alleviates all sins.

    I can’t stand his voice, the way he talks, and I REALLY hate the fact that he calls basketball games now, too. I wish Van Gundy would start announcing college games – there’s a guy who knows the game he calls at the top level, who is fun and engaging to listen to, and shares interesting factoids about the players and coaches at hand. Musberger just drones on and on about how every single athlete is “a fine football player.” Shoot me.

  7. Cats100222000
    12:18 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Still think this is exactly what the NCAA wanted. Auburn winning. Now we will NEVER hear this come up again…they’ll sweep in under the rug

  8. Esteban
    12:22 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    yea the fact that they told newton’s dad to stay home just blew my mind! if no crimes were committed then why the hell shouldnt he be at his sons game? so fn bogus

  9. Double Deuce
    12:24 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    #7…that was the one thing I took away from that game last night…how much every player out there was a “fine man, a student athlete!” I was so tired of hearing how all these great young men were examples and the youth of today should look up to them…I finally turned it off and didn’t even know who won until this morning.

    Musberger was parading the NCAA around last night too like they were “a fine institution” as well…it made me sick!

  10. Attach
    12:24 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    When you send your emails to the NCAA please make sure you find a large (3-5MB) Free Enes picture to add as an attachment. Visuals always work better…not to mention the inbox DoS will prevent the bozos from sending the latest cash dead drop location to the Newtons.

  11. ebell55
    12:30 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    I would like to see a write up about the fact that the old Brent and Herbie didn’t mention the UK game against Auburn all night! I saw several times it should have been mentioned! The interception that the Ducks DB had that he didn’t have control of before he went out of bounds was just like Burden and the fumble recovery. The championship drive and how they controled the clock, and ending the game on a game whinner. They didn’t mention UK all night! That type of exposure could help recruiting!

  12. KYCatAttack
    12:33 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    On TV they said that Cam Newton relied on his dad for support the most during this entire scandal. To me that just shows how close their relationship is and that both were aware of the play for pay scheme. If Cam Newton wasn’t aware of the scheme you would assume he would’ve been furious at his dad for comprosing his eligibility and ruining his reputation. They are grinning ear to ear and floating on cloud nine because they got paid, got away with it, won the heisman, won the NCAA Championship, and now they are about to get paid even bigger by the NFL. I hate that family and I hate the NCAA and I hate Auburn.

  13. BlueBlazer
    12:43 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you must not have seen that Cam’s dad showed up at the game after all against the NCAA’s wishes and Cam ran up in the stands to find him and hug him at the end.

  14. KYCatAttack
    12:54 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    @ 11 here is Mark Emmert’s e-mail [email protected]<[email protected]

  15. knightynight
    12:58 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    7) no, shoot her!!

  16. NBA league pass
    12:58 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    13) I caught that last night as well: “Cam relied on his dad for support during the scandal”….how absurd! I seriously can’t believe these guys in the NCAA can look at anybody with a straight face right now…that goes for the ohio state situation as well.

  17. Realist
    12:58 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    I was actually pulling for Oregon due to some close friendships out there, but regardless of the mess with the NCAA, the SEC rules college football. Speed kills!

  18. GoodLord
    12:59 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    If Auburn had lost, you can bet your ass the NCAA would be vacating everything. The NCAA will not take away a national championship because they’re cowards.

  19. Glenridge
    12:59 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    One of clear hypocrisies everyone seems to be missing about the NCAA is the Newton/Ohio St/ Kansas/Reggie Bush sagas all included ‘intentional’ violations. Sure the Ohio St guys say they didn’t know and one of the ‘punishments’ is for Ohio St to go through better ‘rules education’, but those rules are obvious. With Enes, you have a family trying to keep within the rules and stay eligible, and they get the death penalty. No question Enes is playing if went anywhere but UK.

  20. tim
    1:01 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    13) Agreed. I hope Cal and the Cats send a message to Auburn and the NCAA by whipping the ass off Auburn’s team tonight. I’d like a 50 point battering, please.

  21. LookingForward
    1:01 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    [email protected] Write him I did.

  22. right said fred
    1:02 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    #19 That is why I say play Enes win the Championship and then laugh at Emmert when he will not vacate the title.

  23. SexnNursinHomes
    1:02 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    The NCAA had no clue about the possible “$cam newton loophole”, BUT newton’s did know to take advantage of it?? hahah yeah right. $cam newton knew his dad was prostituting him. Game over. He knew.
    If Enes Kanter had never decommitted from UW, Kanter would be playing right now, and would be seen as a model student athlete.

  24. Irwin R. Fletcher
    1:07 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    THWACK! That’s the sound this piece makes when it bitch-slaps Emmert upside the head.

  25. Brent Musberger
    1:08 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Take it easy on me guys. I wet my self again. Gotta go…

  26. Frank
    1:09 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Evan, you basically could’ve shortened this entire post up like this..

    Booo hoo. The NCAA is the reason we don’t have a final four in the past decade. Boo hoo. Boo hoo. Enes just wants an education Boo hoo. boo hoo. Pete Thamel and the NCAA are big meanies. Boo hoo. Coach Cal doesn’t deserve this, he is clean and everyone just hates him because he wins a lot of regular season games. BOOO HOO!

  27. Bluebleeder
    1:15 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    The season and the championship will be vacated within a year……bet on it! Cams father will be the most hated man for what he did to that program. Sorry about your luck,might as well put that trophy on ebay and get rid of it,becaues ITS WORTHLESS NOW!!!!!

  28. Captain Obvious
    1:15 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    How bout I explain the difference between Newton and Kanter real quick so we can get on with our lives. Kanter accepted money from a pro team to play professional basketball which disallows you from playing amateur sports. Newton’s Dad ASKED for money to have his son play college ball and no proof of money changing hands has been found, unlike Kanter. The next question should be “How much was UK paying Kanter to play for them” if you want to compare it to Newton.

  29. F Emmert
    1:17 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    #22 I did as well

  30. JackB
    1:23 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Cam was the subject of an academic fraud investigation when he left to avoid having cheating on his record. He stole lap tops. He then went to Jr. College, and his Dad sold his services. Cam certainly is a good football player – a great college player this year. And he did not let the controversy distract him – which may be a testament to his sports character, or a testament to the fact that he is a sociopath, but it is not evidence that he is a great human being. Unlike the ton of evidence that Tebow was actually a fine person, I am aware of no evidence that Cam is a fine person. Not saying he isn’t. But I’ve heard a lot of evidence that says the opposite, and no evidence (playing great football is not evidence of personal character) to the contrary.

  31. UKfan
    1:24 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    The NCAA is thinking all of this will die down in a week or so, and these pesky little KY fans will diminish…I sure hope not!! Hope they have to hear this years to come!!!!!!

  32. Johnny Boy
    1:24 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    27 and 28. how lame are you? gotta go to a UK site to get your kicks. sad 🙁

  33. Mark Emmert
    1:27 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    27) That’s the kind of thinking we need around here. Come see me.

  34. Antlers
    1:31 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    While I love the site and content, it’s refreshing to finally read a well-written “article” on here that has a beginning, middle and end. Please keep them coming.

  35. John McClane
    1:31 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink


  36. Mississippi State
    1:31 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Looks at Roster….
    Looks at Record….
    Looks at Check Book….

    Cost of National Championship = Pric.. opps $180,000

  37. Jimmy Buffett
    1:40 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    I’m going without a link here but, IIRC, the FBI was investigating an individual named in conjunction the with Newton case. If it is still true, things could get pretty interesting for AU.

    First of all, I don’t think the FBI would waste their time without some reasonable basis for the investigation.

    Secondly, if (admittedly a BIG if) the FBI lands a conviction, it will be damning to AU and hard for the NCAA to ignore or explain away. It will take a big broom to sweep a federal conviction under the NCAA rug all the while maintaining AU’s innocence.

    Stay tuned. GBB.

  38. tyrus
    1:50 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    It will be a good day when Musberger decides to do for college football what Enberg did for college basketball…retire from doing college games.

  39. Mississippi State
    2:06 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Any of you guys got a talented kid? Promise this time we will write the check!!

  40. Han
    2:14 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    4) Wrong. Being the other team in a game where your opponent vacates does not make you the winner. Instead, there is no winner.

    10) Halftime of the UK football game, they had a segment called “Newton’s Law.” I of course assumed it would be about Cam Newton being cleared and Kanter not (since it was a KY game). No, it was about Cam Newton’s “incredible” field vision and how he’s just the best player ever. Not only did the NCAA make a joke of their investigation of him (1 day), they then raised him up as the poster boy of a great football player.

    21) Cal doesn’t seem to mind letting his team’s get a 40+ lead, but he is coaching against one of his players/assistants, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hood, Poole, Vargas and Polson put in major second half minutes (unless the other guys are having off nights and need the minutes).

    29) No matter how many times trolls repeat it, it doesn’t change the fact that the NCAA CHANGED THEIR RULES to allow foreign players who have taken money from pro organizations to come play in the US. That’s the whole reason Washington and UK recruited Kanter. Everyone knew he’d gotten money for expenses (just like kids at Prep School do in the US). PLEASE STOP REPEATING THE SAME INCORRECT INFORMATION.

    38) What would be truly damning would be if the FBI discovers evidence that the NCAA was aware of proof that Newton should have been ineligible and they ignore it. Such would open up every decision they’ve made to legal action (such as Kanter’s).

  41. If it looks like a duck, walks,'s a duck......
    2:27 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    #27, 29 – Littlo Bro should know all about paying players. Until they hired Tim Fuller they weren’t even on the Top 50 list of most players. And btw, how are they getting ALL these kids to DE-commit from their schools, graduate early and then enroll at UofSmell for the spring semester for football.

    Something smells a little fishy. UL will be under investigation before too long.

  42. Dallas Winston
    2:34 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s start it now. FREE KEREM!!!

  43. Al's IndiCats
    2:43 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    27, 29, the color green (envy) doesn’t contrast very well with the puke colors of red and black. So just go back under your troll bridge and throw your shit somewhere it’ll be appreciated.
    I give it a year maybe two, there’s nothing like a young kid with a ton of money in the bank to get him to talk his stuff knowing very well that the NCAA can’t touch him (he’ll be in the pros, along with OSU’s tatoo 5) and he’ll open his mouth to a jouralist and as they say in the hills, it’ll grow like asnowball rolling down hill.
    Newton got a championship, Selby got to play, Enes got the shaft

  44. NCAA full of crap
    2:46 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    All i have to say is how can the NCAA be flexible for Cam Newton(when he clearly got something for committing to Auburn) and the Ohio St. players, as well as Selby, but then go by the book for Enes’s ruling? Its because of Cal, which is bullshit, but more importantly how can they honestly expect a 14 or 15 year old in this country to know the NCAA rules? Let alone expect a young kid from Turkey to know what will keep him eligible and want will keep him from ever playing college basketball? Take the Selby situation…..How in the hell is acceptable for him to pay back 9k of excess money, and not Kanter. Hell Kanter even offered to pay it all back himself, but Selby has it coming out of his scholarship from Kansas??That seems fair, NOT!

    Its bullshit and hope someone goes after the NCAA for discrimination. Because in my opinion thats what this is….Kanter didnt want money, he didnt flirt with agents, or accept booster benefits….Enes simply took a different path than that of the American recruits because he had limited options…He was 16 and logged 21 minutes when he played for the senior pro team….Its different over there in Europe, but the NCAA doesnt want to flex on that…they must not understand that sports are a different type of animal over there….That the young kids start in academies that groom young athletes by exposing them to top level talent in hopes to find a highly skilled and talented arsenal to reload their teams with. Thats what they do for soccer over though- Man Utd, Arsenal, Real Madrid, etc…..Same thing here except basketball is the sport. Its complete bullshit and the NCAA should be hit hard by a discrimination law suit….GO cats!!!

  45. Mississippi State
    2:52 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Come on… I am serious! $150,000 per year!

  46. BlueFins
    2:59 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    F the NCAA! Was gonna say that I can’t wait for the Auburn title to be vacated, but I’m still waiting for the Duke title to be vacated. Oh, and Brent Musberger can shit in his hat.

  47. JealousOfSelby
    6:15 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    That $$ amount goes up every time its quoted , it is $4607.58, and it was for hotels, meals ,and transportation cost from robert frazier, steering selby through his recruitment. Try to look a little less pathetic uk fans and know what your talking about. Had seby been on the payroll of some nba dleague uk fans would shtt a brick.

  48. flemingcountycat
    8:41 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    #48- you sure he wasn’t? I’ll send you my brick. I think comparing the Kanter situation to Selby is more appropriate than Kanter/Newton. The Kanters and the Selbys both received money, Kanter from the pro team running the academy in which he attended, Selby from Bay Frazier, business manager for Carmelo Anthony, and a friend of Selby’s mother, whom she wanted to help “guide” her sons recruitment. I’m not saying the Kanters arent guilty, they are, but dont tell me Camp Selby can plead ignorance of the rules. And to top it all off, Selby gets to pay back his with his scholly money. WTF????????

  49. Blueneck
    10:18 pm January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Ev, nice job. I also could not believe Muss and Herb did not mention the similarities to the UK game. I figured I missed it but they probably just didn’t bother to do much research.

    Why isn’t more made of the fact that Cecil Newton is a so-called pastor of a church that has received major anonymous donations?