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Brandon Knight is a Special Kid; Will the Media Notice?


As anyone who heard me ranting on Boston radio surely knows, I get a little worked up when people criticize our own and it is not deserved. With that in mind, I will keep this article from Ethan Skolnick in Florida bookmarked and in my arsenal for next year. You know what is coming…more junk about a kid who is “one and done” and doesnt care about school, etc. For those that are really attempting to stir up code words, they will mention his hair and say Calipari only likes to recruit certain types of players, etc. We will hear all of it in the same way we heard it about John Wall, Demarcus Cousins and the others and it will be as untrue as it was this year, but repeated on the constant sports news cycle that we have grown accustomed to.

Except this time, we have more than just anecdotal evidence from bloggers to back us up. The above linked article has quotes such as:

Yet this is what colleges got, if they cared to read it. They got an English Honors III teacher raving about “Brandon’s perfect articulation in reading Shakespeare,” and describing “the stillness of the room as his peers listened in rapt attention” to his “Macbeth” soliloquy. They got an Advanced Placement statistics teacher recalling all the times he would stay for extra help, even it meant missing dinner before a game. They got his college counselor gushing, “A finer Pine Crest student I cannot imagine.”

Think about that for a second. A “one and done” who can do Shakespeare? A physics teacher who says that she wishes she could “clone” the basketball star for other students. A player who tells ESPNU that “Your mind is going to last you a lot longer than your legs, so I feel I have to try to get my education so I can be ready for life after basketball.” That my friends is a special well-rounded kid. And when the coverage of that kid takes place next year, lets see how often he is given credit for those qualities. When Shane Battier was at Duke, his intelligence and well-rounded background were fixtures of all stories on him. Knight deserves the same recognition. Even though he may be able to go straight to the NBA after one year, he comes in with AP credits and will graduate sooner, rather than later. That is a great story. We shall see if anyone outside of the Bluegrass tells it.

The Cats got a great one yesterday, on and off the court.

Article written by Matt Jones