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Bozich on UK Football’s Class of 2009 Recuits: Unmet Expectations

Our dear friend That guy who used to write for the Courier-Journal and then went to the TV channel that airs Simpsons reruns, or something, posted a very thought-provoking look at what was considered UK football’s biggest recruiting success: the class of 2009. Rick Bozich discusses how UK Football’s Class of 2009 recruits never quite lived up to their expectations, and he details why/how.

These current seniors have been through a lot. Unfortunately, that ‘lot’ has not been quite what they expected. In fact, most of them didn’t make it through the fire. Check out these numbers: UK’s recruiting class was ranked #27 nationally — The class included 30 guys — 4 players were JuCo’s and already gone — 13 other players either transferred or left. Let’s see how Morgan Newton feels about these stats…


Of the four-star players, only one remains — the likely second-strong QB Newton. As all observant pessimists have reminded us over the past year, some of the departed guys have succeeded elsewhere, like Mossakowski and RB Donald Russell.

Bozich makes a good point in showing that this recruiting class was built to be spectacular and to carry on the success of the back-to-back-to-back bowl winning teams, only to fall short. However, while it is a terribly disappointing realization to see that one of our best recruiting classes of all time could not produce, it is not a decisive piece of evidence as to whether or not this Kentucky football program can eventually rise above. It is definitely a tough fact to face, but if there is anything that the Rich Brooks era proved, it was that you can take a group of unsuspecting guys and go on a run when the odds are against you. We’ve got some of the piece still in place, so here’s to hoping the remnants of the class of 2009 make up for lost time this season.

Countdown to UK vs. UofL: 2 weeks. Go Cats.

Article written by Chris Thomas

9 Comments for Bozich on UK Football’s Class of 2009 Recuits: Unmet Expectations

  1. BravoBigBlue
    8:33 pm August 19, 2012 Permalink

    I put no credence in what bobo says whatsoever. Fact of the matter is this program has been on the downslide since the 2007 team. There was not just one recruiting class that failed to deliver. It actually started before Brooks left and has continued on with Joker. UK football hit its peak with Woodson, Little, Burton, Tamme, and Woodyard. As well as a strong supporting cast. We are nowhere near that now. And it started before that class.

  2. Drew
    9:21 pm August 19, 2012 Permalink

    Having a good second strong qb is important.

  3. Susan
    9:30 pm August 19, 2012 Permalink

    “As all observant pessimists have reminded us over the past year, some of the departed guys have succeeded elsewhere, like Mossakowski and RB Donald Russell.” Really??? Moss is at LAMAR and Russell is at Ga State. Not great examples of guys excelling once gone from UK. The last 2 classes have been excellent, and this young team will surprise a lot of people. To the UK basketball-only fans…we would love your support for football, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about, please refrain. The ignorant negativity is hurting the program.

  4. JBR
    11:53 pm August 19, 2012 Permalink

    Wow, a woman throwing down smack talk about football. Sorry Susan…to call people ignorant for being negative about UK football under Joker is simply not justified. When Joker does something to earn respect, he will get it. So far, he has only taken this program back 10 years…and I am a football first guy, not a basketball fan.

  5. Michael Bush's Leg
    12:53 am August 20, 2012 Permalink

    Honestly, you guys, I don’t know what’s better? Seeing UK fans acknowledge how much their football teams sucks, or knowing we’re going to kick the crap out of them in 2 weeks. It’s only a matter of time until the Petrino days are revisited; and it’ll be back to my favorite refrain: “we don’t even care about football, we’re a basketball school anyway!!”


  6. JBR
    2:08 am August 20, 2012 Permalink

    Well 5, at least we are realistic…you idiot “tard fans think you are playing for a freaking national championship or something just because you are SUPPOSED to be a little better than big brother this year. I will admit, Strong is a better coach than Joker…but that is like two fat chicks fighting over Brad Pitt…doesn’t really matter ’cause neither will get him. Know your place.

  7. Stan
    8:43 am August 20, 2012 Permalink

    As unfair as it might be, if we are not competative with the cards, it will be a hard season to turn around the fans. I know i
    the argument”Its just one game”, or”Its to early to give up”, but if they dominate us, the fans that are left will run for the hills. I’m sorry it is this way, but this team has to kep this game close if they want any chance to bring back the fans. Is it fair? Hell no! Is it true? Yes

  8. mores
    11:15 am August 20, 2012 Permalink

    Most pundits pick us to be awful this season–not bad, but awful. The reason behind that is almost entirely the senior and junior classes. We’ve got great young talent–the sophomore class is one of our most talented in decades and the freshmen have shown outstanding promise in the practices but the jury isn’t out on them yet. But the seniors haven’t panned out at all and the juniors have been wrecked by transfers of the most highly-touted players. This team could have a strong defense if we had Dale Trimble and Jerell Priester at corner and Ridge Wilson and Tim Patterson at linebacker to supplement a good D-line. Likewise on offense with Alex Smith and Terrell Mitchell at tight end. But they’re not here and the effects show 3-4 years down the line.

  9. Susan
    4:27 pm August 20, 2012 Permalink

    4. I’m not calling everyone who is negative ignorant, I’m saying that there are A LOT of negative fans that ARE ignorant. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if you don’t know the young players on this team, it’s hard to have an educated opinion. #8-Half of those players left because they weren’t making the depth chart…the others were a negative to the team for obvious reasons. The Freshman and Sophomore classes appear to be REALLY talented…I just want the fans to give them a chance.