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Boyz II Men’s Monday News and Views


After a weekend of depression, I wanted to get the new week started with one of my favorite UK-related pictures ever. The above shot was taken at the Barnstable Brown party this year and showcases four UK Legends (and one white guy behind them with passion) singing along to “End of the Road” with the three remaining members of Boyz II Men. When they performed at the event, all were excited, but I was shocked to see just how happy their crooning sounds made Cobb, Cousins, Patterson and Wall. Well if they were happy before, then they are surely happy now as Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman turns 38 today. The member of the group that once had the highest selling single in music history is still singing with his (slightly plumper) bandmates and anytime they break into “I’ll Make Love to You” or “Motown Philly”, I challenge you not to get excited. While Boyz II Men spawned many imitators (none better than Shai…”The very first time that I saw your brown eyes…your lips said hello and I said hi”), none could equal Michael Bivins’s creation and they remain legends of the music scene. Don’t believe me? Just ask Randall Cobb.

Some notes on the weekend:

— At this point, I almost find analyzing the games to be a wasted effort. The reality is that Kentucky is not playing well at any position and with the exception of a couple of players who have given otherworldly efforts (I am looking at you Danny Trevathan), there have been faults everywhere. The much greater issue than any one game right now is the overall pessimism/resignation that has completely overtaken the fan base. At this point the team has almost no defenders who truly believe that success this year is coming and only a select few remain optimistic about the program’s future going forward. For the first time in six years, the Cats looked to have lost their ability to compete and the fans have slowly lost their ability to care. The crowd on Saturday night was decent as the game began, but most abandoned ship early, with many suggesting that they will not return. I can’t tell you how many fans have said to me some form of “I have been going X amount of years in a row, but I am done until this season ends.” Fans who used to live and breathe UK football (and yes, some did exist) are now making plans for Saturdays that used to be sacred. We can all grumble about how we got to this point, or where we go from here, but a reality needs to be accepted by all. Joker Phillips has completely lost the fans.

— So the question now becomes, where do we go from here. Mitch Barnhart came off somewhat defiant before Saturday’s game, saying that he is ignoring fan emails and phone calls that are harshly critical and that he is focused on attempting to improve the program. I think Mitch is being somewhat unfairly blasted for this comment, as I am sure he meant comments of a vulgar/hyper-critical nature (of which the internet can breed exponentially…take a look at my email/comment box one day if you dont believe me). But with that said, I think it is fair to say that the UK administration/coaches need to come to grips with where they are from a PR standpoint at this time. The fans have given up on the season, and more troubling, some are becoming disinterested in the program going forward. It is never fun to get criticism, but it is much worse to have your fans become apathetic. Kentucky football has been a clear #2 at UK for the past few years, but it has been a #2 that people cared about. Now that caring is starting to dissipate and there needs to be some acknowledgement from UK and its coaches of that fact. This week is the time to do it and it will be interesting to see if it happens.

— With all of that said however, the one place UK football is still succeeding is on the recruiting trail. In maybe the biggest upset of the weekend, Kentucky got commitments from two players that were among the program’s top ten targets of the year. After attending the UK-Florida game, LB Kadeem Thomas and RB Shadrach Thornton both committed to play for Kentucky next year. Thomas is a LB that was at the top of UK’s wish list and he picked UK over offers from Louisville, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech and Illinois. Thornton is a RB with a ton of upside who picked UK over Georgia Tech, NC State and Vandy. Both guys saw the game (and presumably the potential playing time) and made the decision to pull the trigger. And both young men said fan support was part of the reason for the decision. While the results on the field may leave a lot to be desired, you do have to give Tee Martin and Mike Summers (the guys primarily responsible for the recruiting) a ton of credit for being able to AS OF NOW keep together what would be the deepest recruiting class that UK has yet assembled.

— While football is clearly an issue for all, it bears remembering that basketball is coming down the pike. This week will see the release of a set of preseason interviews we did with all the players for KSTV and will begin full-scale coverage of the team. Some big news slipped out on Saturday when top 2013 PF Chris Walker announced he will make a decision on November 15 as to his future school. Walker is a kid whose recruitment has been somewhat strange. He at one time favored UK heavily, then complained he didnt have an official offer, but in recent weeks has been tweeting out shouts to the Big Blue Nation nearly every day. His decision could be the first in a series that will potentially see Kentucky get its most loaded class ever in 2013. I know that is a strong statement, but UK is currently in the top 4 with seven of the top nine players in the class and likely in the top 2 with four of the top six. Chris Walker looks to be the first to pull the trigger, but with many in the 2013 class suggesting they will decide early, you could have a scenario where Calipari comes close to filling the 2012 and 2013 classes this Spring. Not a bad place to be in whatsoever.

This week is going to be a lot of fun around the KSR parts. We have our week of radio and tv, followed by a special ONE HOUR KSTV basketball preseason special debuting on Saturday. And Drew Franklin will be reporting live from BBM campout beginning on Wednesday, where he will spend four straight days blogging without a shower or a tent. Plus, we are doing the radio show live from BBM campout on Friday morning. It is a full week of fun, and then we play #1 LSU on Saturday. I can feel Les Miles boots shaking from here…

Article written by Matt Jones

57 Comments for Boyz II Men’s Monday News and Views

  1. JPhelps
    11:34 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    I agree Matt… I have ZERO pride in the football program. I could care less. And I love football, I’m just sick of trying to care and watching a bunch of players play on a field and not care. The only ones who probably do care have something to gain from it. Trevathan is trying to go in the first round, Joker and Co. are trying to keep their paycheck. But that’s the only reason. Other than that, completely lackluster and a disgrace to the school. He has completely lost the fanbase with is RISE LIES.

  2. Eloy's Neard
    11:40 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    Does Chris Walker have an offer yet?

  3. 1st Down Kentucky
    11:45 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    Joker will right the ship! Be patient!

  4. Yabba Do
    11:46 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    I’m becoming apathetic towards UK in general. If they’re unwilling to focus on more than one sport, they’ll lose me forever. How is the city college and its fans able to maintain more than one sport?

  5. Kingscuba89
    11:48 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    1. Yea I bet the players love to lose.. It would be hard to care if your own fans were booing you. Wouldn’t it?

  6. calipari rules
    11:49 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    #2 Per Rivals he doesnt, Per Scout he doesnt. Im sure an offer will come between now and then. What if Walker picks the cats without an offer??

  7. Up Yours
    11:51 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    Olny problem here is you guys are so far up calipari ass that it would take a two ton truck to pull you out!

  8. john4uk
    11:59 pm September 25, 2011 Permalink

    People are getting sick and tired of hearing the constant excuse of the team being young,inexperienced,or certain members being held out with injuries,and watching a team that seems ill prepared to play a decent game of football.Also getting blown out of a game in the first quarter gives one little reason to stick around for the remainder of the game.

  9. Elbow Deep
    12:02 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    #7 AHHHH! Smells like success up here.

  10. Mattius00
    12:04 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    They most certainly are not getting any better in the recruiting. They just picked up a 3 star player that UF, FSU, Miami, and USF all passed on.

    The recruiting has been stagnant at best and last Saturday night was proof. You cannot compete in the SEC with the caliber of players that we are targeting. And the reason that is is, none of those top players want to come and play for this offense because they aren’t able to show off their talents. If they want to keep Joker I am fine with that because I actually like his fire, but he needs to A, tell Sanders to open the playbook up and B find a D coordinator that knows what they are doing.

  11. Jacob Adam Brooks
    12:11 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t want to just give up on Joker but this team appears disorganized and confused at all times. We look bad when our talent is compared to a team like Florida but we looked awful against wku ul and central Michigan as well and we appeared on paper to be more talented then all of those teams.

    Joker can be defensive if he wants but I’m a die hard fan and its tough to just be disgusted by the product being put on the field right now.

  12. BGFan
    12:16 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Obviously we do not have many “true” fans. A true fan is there to have fun and provide support. They do not live or die depending on what the team does that day. I would never boo a player or our team for any reason, these guys are amateurs, some just out of high school. It appears that Kentucky is going to have a tough year, but I will not give up on them. I remember past years where I did not think we would get off the mat after a romp. But we did and most years, particularly the past 5, have been able to finish respectable. I would prefer to win 90% of our games, but get over it, don’t beat the wife or kids or take it out on your co-workers. The sun will shine again and remember, it could be worse, you could live in Tennessee.

  13. UKGOBigBlue
    12:24 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    The thing that makes the fans feel even worse, they knew this was going to happen when Joker was named coach in waiting. Knowing this, Joker had already lost 50% of the fans even before being named head coach. Fans are left with the feeling of I Told You So, and knowing their is nothing they can do about it.

    The players don’t respect Joker, and even worse, they don’t fear him. Joker needs to have a Lou Houtz moment; Joker needs to freak out & scream at some players. Maybe UK should hire Fake Lou Holtz to do it.

    UK coaches need to look inward & in the mirror, and admit out loud what they are doing isn’t working. UK numbers & play should be more than enough evidence to prove this fact. Joker can be hard headed & try concentrating on just the big picture, blah blah blah; a bad idea is still a bad idea even if you aren’t willing to admit it to yourself. The fact that Joker is unwilling to admit his plan isn’t working is the trustiest sign that Joker is a horrible leader; he is unwilling to change or admit he is wrong. Joker has put UK, himself, UK players, and UK fans in a position to fail, which is exactly what we are doing.

    Even though Joker is somehow still getting big recruits, fans have absolutely no faith, and why should they. Every time UK has even looked like they are or might turn the corner, they screw it up. Fans & boosters aren’t willing to put their money or major support into something they know isn’t going to pay off in the end & will do nothing but disappoint them. Fans have been burned too main times, and have accepted the fact that we will never be good in football; what else are UK fans supposed to do. UK fans can lie to themselves, make excuses, say be patient, things will get better, we always have next year; what we have been doing for 50 years hasn’t worked, and Joker certainly isn’t the answer.

    UK Admin/Joker/Barnhart can act like their ignoring fans, but when you ignore your fans/customers; they will turn on you, will stop supporting you, and more importantly will stop spending their money on you.

    Joker better hope these recruits payoff because if they don’t, we won’t have to worry about Joker being UK coach anymore.

  14. clueless
    12:52 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    number 12— IF we didn;t have true fans they wouldn’t care…when we as fans see kids give it there all (josh harrelson) regardless of their talent level we are true to them.When you watch week in and week out kids not even bother to practice ball security, make lazy decisions in a position they have been playing for 3 years in college, Listen to a coach blast fans who have been in the top 25 in attendance for 11 out of 12 years, have an ex coach blame it on revenue when said fans have made the team a top 20 in revenue earner despite not being in any kind of national title picture. have an AD tell you he isn’t going to listen to said fans.that tells me they just want you to buy tickets and not worry about anything else. While other coaches are screaming and getting in players faces for boneheaded plays, ours is shaking his head and blaming it on not enough butts in the seats.Brooks worried about accountability Joker is only worried about accounting.

  15. Jacob Adam Brooks
    1:00 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    I hate people saying your not a true fan if you’re disappointed. What is fun about losing to a team 25 years in a row? Did I expect to win? No… but isn’t that part of the problem? Losing is one thing but not being able to compete is completely different.

  16. Tony
    1:08 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Mitch and Joker can get defensive all they want, the bottom line is this “Coach in-waiting” experiment is turning out to be a disaster just like a lot of us thought it would. It’s a shame cause Joker is a great guy and there’s no doubt he loves UK, but he simply does not have the personality to take a program like UK to the next level. Every time he speaks he sounds like he is half asleep and sometimes looks as though he is staring out into space or something. It’s really hard to get behind this program right now (mainly Mitch) because we can all see things getting worse while most of the other SEC schools keep getting better.

  17. terrencejonesrighthand
    1:11 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    #4 yeah, we are the only school that has non-revenue sports. I bet the Auburn and Alabama fans are tearing the walls down knowing they dont have a good basketball program too. Get real, why dont you complain to your football boosters, dont you think those before mentioned schools have larger boosters..Yes, oh and yes, they have non-revenue sports too. Btw, I remember everyone calling for Brooks head too, and talking about how good Jokers play calling was then, that he was the only thing holding us together back then. UK football- “fans think they’re coaches and always want something else.” Hey lets get some new scoreboards and cancel BBM, that will help us not lose by 50 to LSU.

  18. Tyler Durden
    1:39 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah, but did ya’ll read the line where it said, “most loaded class ever?”

  19. Tyler Durden
    1:42 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Be honest:

    Who would vote to cancel BBM if it meant we could beat LSU on Saturday?

    Yes or no.

  20. terrencejonesrighthand
    1:53 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Umm Matt, why are you removing my posts…i said absolutely nothing derogatory. Wow.

  21. Justin G.
    1:59 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    17, Brooks had to bring UK back from probation, and do it all while playing in the best football conference! That is totally different then what Joker took over! Joker, inherited a program going in the right direction, and yet he went 6-7 with players like Cobb, Matthews, Locke, etc., who could bail him and Sanders out of their crap schemes. This year he has none of those players, and reality sets in that he can not coach. Ooohh, and isn’t a coach supposed to DEVELOPE his players and recruits! What do they work on during practice? Our receivers can not catch, our linemen can not block, and our QB (who was supposed to be way better this season, according to the staff) can not make any of the throws. That is some coaching! Huh?

  22. tbd4567
    3:19 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    comments 1-21… ditto. Joker was here and in charge of recruiting and coaching before Brooks left. The team is worse now than it was 2 years ago. It is simply poorly coached. Can’t point at a well coached position on the field. The holes in defense, the lack of holes on offense, the dropped balls, the fumbles, the missed passes, the whole team is just not well coached and Joker should not have another year.

  23. Hicks
    3:36 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Andrew and Aaron Harrison, Jabari Parker, Chris Walker and Nerlens Noel = best recruiting class in the history of college basketball, just above last year’s class. If you make that happen Cal they are going to make recruiting rules just for you because no one else can compete. Oh and I vote we throw 50 yard passes to LaRod King on every down. I really don’t see what we have to lose.

  24. [email protected]
    4:14 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    23. That class is not going to happen

  25. [email protected]
    4:18 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Great players in that picture indeed. But a regional final loss to W. Virginia and only one year in college does not make them legends. Patterson is the only one who has an argument. Brandon Knight is the only one year player that is a legend, largely due to his game winners in the tournament.

  26. Bigbluecalizone
    4:33 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Want to know the largest part of the the problem? Just look at the celebratory part of this thread. We’re celebrating getting recruits, to be frank that are rated average at best. Until we figure out a way to get at least some 4 and 5 star talent, things ain’t going to get any better. And what little Mojo that Joker had,,,,,is long gone. I just dont see a happy ending.

  27. Walsh is Gay
    4:50 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Cancel BBM to beat LSU? Hell no.

    Cancel losing to UF every year to have more open basketball practices? Yup.

  28. Calipari'sInYourEar
    4:58 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Matt Jones isn’t doing his job if he says Joker’s completely lost the fan base.

    He’s only lost the first to quit. The most embarrassing ones. The guys who act like like girls when things get tough.

    The hypocrites who say they’re quitting because the team quit.

    Those aren’t fans (and never were). Those are quitters.

    Will attendance be less at games until this team grows on offense? Sure. But it’s not like the place will be empty.

  29. Cardinal Fan
    5:13 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    How can UK be referred to as “Big Brother” when they play like a stupid cousin?

  30. Calipari'sInYourEar
    6:26 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    #29 – Cardinal Fan – That’s such a little brother question.

  31. SexnNursinHomes
    6:48 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    I sat through Claibourne, Curry, Mumme was fun but no defense so no chance, Overrated Guy Morris. ughhhhhhhh I really want Joker to succeed, because a big name coach will only use UK as a stepping stone to get to an actual football school and Joker is alumni, BUT for s*** sakes, I am sick of g****** losing. If it will take Calipari type of money to keep a big name here, then m***** f****** do it. Put the coach’s contract on Visa/Mastercard I don’t care. Just do it. I am sick of it. I have sat through nearly 30 years of sucking. I am tired of it. Mitch I don’t give a flying f*** if you are ignoring calls, but you need to get this crap fixed. ASAP. If not, go the hell on. This program needs to get serious about football. We can have both sports excel. Just make a damn commitment.

  32. SexnNursinHomes
    6:58 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    oh and if the NCAA had not added one more game to schedule, then UK would not have been to a lot of these bowls games lately. 6-6 SHOULD NOT GET A BOWL INVITATION FOR MEDIOCRACY. We strive just to win 6 games. eff this b.s, take that weak crap to your momma. I want 8 wins a year. Nothing less.

  33. please
    7:22 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    29 yeah Kentucky is not good at football but the Cards laughing and pointing give me a break You really think you would do better against Florida? I can’t wait to see the Cards play Texas

  34. ukfaninohio
    7:33 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    I just wonder how dumb our fan base is if it’s really as bad as matt says.I wish the idiots who always threaten to not care anymore or watch the games this and that would actually follow through once so we wouldn’t have to listen to them anymore.

  35. bigblueben
    7:53 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    ummmm, what is Wall holding in his left hand? Is it something that belongs to Cousins?

  36. Joker be done
    8:18 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Looking forward to the beat down lsu is fix’n to put on us this weekend. I’m looking for a 35+ point whoop’n. And I bet we score fewer than 10. Can’t wait to hear the excuses after going 0-whatever in the SEC. Joker, you’re tearing us down.

  37. KFundThis
    8:18 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    As a longtime Kentucky football fan and season ticket holder, I am used to a mediocre product being put on the field. Let’s face it, Kentucky football is rarely great and very rarely Elite. That said, I have always enjoyed going to the games despite the fact that I have seen top flight SEC schools win in Lexington on the final drive too many times. For some reason this season, there is simply no pop, no excitement, no hope. Maybe its dismal, uninspired play, a lack of playmakers, a lack of creativity in the playcalling, too much “game management,” or too much $ for K Fund tickets and outrageous parking pass increases. If you are going to raise prices through the roof, you’d better have a product to sell. After 15 years of season tickets, this will be our last. Tickets are easy to find for any Kentucky game and I’m willing to risk that they may get good and that may change. I’m done.

  38. Idea
    8:27 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    The ONLY way to get Mitch’s attention is in the UK wallet. If we stop going to games (yes, I know most have already bought tickets) it will show Mitch a couple things. 1)We may not re-up for tickets next year. 2)We will not be buying drinks/food at the remaining games. 3)It will look REALLY bad on tv when Commonwealth is less than half full.

    I hate that it has come to this, but Joker is not new here. He has been incharge of recruiting for YEARS. The only difference is Brooks could coach up the 2 and 3 star kids. Joker has shown he can not. Hell, our ‘ole receiver turned head coach – can’t even teach our current receivers to catch the ball.

  39. Please Pray
    8:28 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    There is a missing 7 year old autistic boy in Willisburg, KY (50 miles south of Louisville) who has been missing for the past 34 hours. Please send prayers and anyone wanting to help search please meet at the Willisburg fire dept. An Amber alert has not been released.

  40. ukchampion
    8:30 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    there is no one in the world right now i believe in less than Joker Phillips. the reasons are mostly stated above and most of all i agree he simply does not have the “personality”. he never seems in control of everything like good coaches, seems like a poor motivator, tentative, indecisive kind of guy.

    this next comment by all accounts make me a terrible fan but, there is a coach by the name of MIKE LEACH that would absolutely take the SEC by storm and he’s waiting for the phone to ring. he hasn’t been hired because ESPN hates him and he’s suing Texas Tech where he got screwed, UK has nothing to lose it would be a home run.

  41. Catfan55
    8:35 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    What ever happened to short comments??? Short and to the point please!! A comment Please not a short story!! Everybody has has alot to say! Go cats!!!

  42. UK FAN
    8:40 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    So many that think they are fans, but are not! These players work hard and you fat arse chumps think you know something about the game.

    Real Fans support the team during good and bad times

  43. FullMontyCat
    8:40 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    #31-Agree completely…We have no recruiting base or in-state talent which is EXACTLY why we need a real coach who can draw players!!! It’s definitely not a reason to be satisfied with unqualified, mediocre coaches. I used to be a Tubby apologist since he won a title but you guys are hilarious, apologizing for Mediocre Joker….

  44. GoCats2
    8:43 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    #35 He is holding Patterson’s hand.
    How can KSR possibly allow a picture of Cobb with his eyes closed(no homo)?

  45. Hard Hittin' CAT
    8:58 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    42) I like you. Matt Jones, not so much right now.

    I’m not giving up on the team nor the season, nor the future. Not even if Matt Jones says it’s all gloom and doom.

    This is our team and they need our support. That should come without question. Come on Big Blue Nation.

    GO CATS!!

  46. FullMontyCat
    9:00 am September 26, 2011 Permalink


  47. DerbyDemon
    9:07 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Barnhart and Joker will be the next example of C. M. Newton and Curry when they walked out of Commonwealth Stadium hand-in-hand after a disasterous season. When only 30,000 start showing up to a game, that’ll get SOMEBODY’S attention.

  48. Half Full
    9:10 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Cobb doing his best Bill Cosby impression in the photo.

  49. Al's IndiCats
    9:36 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Being a Wildcat fan for the better part of some 53 years, I would like to give you my side. I’ll root, yell, and bleed blue no matter if it’s football, Basketball, baseball, rifle, or Tiddley Winks! UK is where my alliance is, no matter how bad they get beat, or how bad we beat other teams. I am somewhat disappointed in this year’s football team for we were led to believe that this team is going to be special. Well, by no means has it been special. I feel for this team. For them to go into battle with some of the best in the SEC and getting beat has to play on the minds of these young kids. For them to read articles like this, and the comments I’m wondering if they are second guessing not only the coaching staff, but maybe themselves. And we as adults ALL know about that. If Barnhart fires Joker, who do you all will even think about coming to UK? Nobody with their weight in salt would want the coaching position……NOBODY!!!!!!!!
    Let this season play out, for it only has one of two ways to go. BUT most important….Get behind these kids who are trying to give it their all on the field.

    P.S. Just think how you’d feel if you were on your job or in a class room and all your friends would BOO you when things didn’t go your way!

    10:05 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    YAWN! Wake me when “The Joke” is over.

  51. SexnNursinHomes
    10:12 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    43- word to big bird

    49- I always got ya back. But when do we say “enough is enough”? Why can’t we be a school shootin’ out 8 and 9 win seasons. It’s posssible.

  52. SexnNursinHomes
    10:18 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    I mean if the year is 2085 and we are still producing Curry-esque football, then will we finally do something about it?

  53. jaygee85
    10:22 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Chris Walker just retweeted this:

    cwalkertime — 23Chris Walker

    RT @TShlew: This dude @cwalkertime23 is dropping hints left and right where he’s gonna commit. Don’t make it too easy for #BBN to know it’s UK! Haha

    1 minute ago via Twitter

  54. Max Payne
    10:51 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    I would love to support them in good times. It’s been almost 60 years since then.

  55. Steve Fitts
    11:53 am September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Now that Shadrach has committed, can Meschek and Abednigo be far behind?

  56. Tyler Ross
    4:55 pm September 26, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like someone has a differing point on whether Matt should be as negative on Joker. I don’t know. I am disappointed as hell but I don’t think the coach is the problem and that 17 games is near enough:

  57. Jimmy Buffett
    7:46 pm September 26, 2011 Permalink

    where are the rest?