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Bowl Fever

Every year around this time, I get overly excited about the beginning of Bowl Season. There is absolutely no reason for it and it can only logically be explained by my propensity to like absurd amounts of entertainment, even if at the base I dont like whatever the particular entertainment is. For instance, I am a sucker for buying DVD box sets of movies or television shows. I have about 40 different sets, spanning about 20 shows, and yet I very rarely ever watch them. Recently I was looking through my collection and found at least 4 shows (Sanford and Son, The Job, 24 and The Shield) that I have yet to watch ever. Some have asked why I buy these DVDs when I am not even a fan of the shows themselves…..and really the answer is because there are a LOT of the shows. I may have only seen two episodes of Sports Night….however knowing that I own all 30 episodes is somehow comforting to me.

Which brings me to the Bowl Season. Now as Rob always points out on the show, I am not a huge fan of college football. Yes, I buy the ESPN football package (after all there are a lot of games) and get a preview or two, but I dont actually watch many games. I will turn on Gameday to see Corso put on a goofy head and I am a sucker for the CBS music on SEC telecasts, but as for actual games, my viewing is limited. But whenever Bowl Season begins, I am a sucker. I know a lot of people want a playoff, but for me Bowl season is in theory, the greatest time of the football year. For literally ten years, my holiday season began with the Las Vegas Bowl, which seemed to always pit UCLA vs Fresno St in a game played in front of literally tens of fans who had just stumbled out of the Bellagio on a Friday night. Recently this tradition has been surpassed by the New Orleans Bowl which always pits North Texas vs some team from Conference USA….I love these games, mainly because it is the first of 28 games and I have grand plans of watching them all (but I usually quit by game 3).

So tonight I sat down for Southern Miss vs Arkansas St in the New Orleans Bowl, live from Lafayette, La. While I knew nothing about these two teams, or for that matter that Arkansas St. was an actual school, my heart began to race when I heard the voice of Chris Spielman. Here was the beginning of Bowl Season, and there were LOTS of games to come!!!

However now it is approaching 11 and I am already growing weary. I should have known that things didnt look good when my attention was diverted by an episode of the “Office” that I had already seen. Then, the lure of Southern Miss could not overcome my desire to clean my sink, which may have truly been the last straw. I had visions of being able to watch all the games this year, mixing my Christmas spirit with UTEP-Toledo and late-night viewings of something called the Poinsettia Bowl. But alas, I couldnt make it through the night. Thus Bowl Season 2005 will have to go into my failed viewing database, right next to my DVD of Six Feet Under, Season 1. I am however looking forward to trying again next year, as the number of bowls expands to 30 and the addition of new participants from the Sun Belt and WAC conference does nothing but make Bowl Season even more exhilirating.

Article written by Matt Jones