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BLOGGER Contest: Caleb Epley on Florida


In this round, the “Who Wants to be a Blogger” contestants were each given one of UK’s rivals to make fun of/dissect. Each got a different team and over Monday and Tuesday, you will read each of them. Each judge will pick one favorite to move onto the next round and your comments will be considered by all of them.

Ahhh.. the University of Florida.

One of the 3 biggest colleges in the entire United States of America, the school might be better known now as the “University of Tim Tebow”.

One would think that winning back-to-back NCAAB titles would steal the spotlight from other sports. One would think that consectutive championships would put Florida basketball close to “dynasty” status and place them on top of a lack-luster SEC. But nope. With back-to-back N.I.T. appearances and top-players either going pro or transferring, the idea of Florida becoming a basketball powerhouse vanished quicker than a fart in the wind. College sports analysts now-a-days are too worried about kissing the holy behind of St. Timothy Tebow.

I, for one, am dissapointed by all of this.

Maybe it’s because we can’t compete in football. Maybe my heart is two sizes too small. Whatever the reason, I feel our rivalry with Florida won’t be what it used to be. And it makes me sad.

Kentucky basketball is in the position to compete for a national title this year. Florida, on the other hand, has seen better days. It’s been said before and I’m gonna say it again. Billy Donovan caught lightning in a bottle with that one group of players. Things clicked. A group of players came together to form an almost perfect team.

But things change. After that class moved on Billy D has been left with holes in his roster that he hasn’t been able to replace. And the talent that he has brought in since the championships is leaving. Do-it-all guard Nick “butthead” Calathes opted out of another year at Florida to play professional ball in Greece. That’s right. GREECE. Maybe he thinks by pleasing Zues he can become a better basketball player? Or maybe he just wanted to get the heck outta Florida?

Who knows? The only think that is certain is that Florida basketball is plummeting faster than President Obama’s approval ratings. (I’m sorry Matt)

However.. on the turf it’s a different story. The UK-UF football rivalry hasn’t been a competitive one..

Kentucky football has been on the rise. But.. let’s not kid ourselves.. we are not in contention for an SEC title yet. It’s kinda like when the little brother hits puberty and thinks he can take on the older brother. He’s got the determination but he will always end up in a headlock or titty-twister. It doesn’t make for a good rivalry.

A key component to a good rivalry is competitiveness. So I’m asking you Billy Donovan.. Please.. keep your team competitive. Your Florida Gay-tors are in danger of becoming the Florida Gators again. You aren’t even a threat.

So bring all ya got. For this is the year we show you this whole decade was a fluke. We’re gonna pimp-slap the Matt Walsh’s, Nick Calathes’s, and Joakim Noah’s of the past in the form John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, and Patrick Patterson. Here comes the BOOOOMM.

… and oh yeah. Speaking of Joakim Noah. I stumbled across this little song made by a very handsome young man. The kid’s got talent

Article written by Matt Jones