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Billy Gillispie Writes An Open Letter To BBN


Hey guys, I ran into our old friend Billy Clyde the other day when I was down in Texas, and he asked me to pass this along to you.  I told him I only would if he would autograph my smores pop tarts box.  He didn’t think that was funny.

Nevertheless, here’s a little message from ol’ BCG to you.

Big Blue Nation!

Hi everybody, it’s been a while since we had the time to catch up.  How have you been?  Good to hear.  Yes, I saw that you guys made it back to the final four.  Congratulations!  And of course, you’re welcome.  Calipari couldn’t have done it without my players of course – I’m sure you’re all well aware of that.  Have you decided on a date to retire my jersey yet?  Oh yeah, you’re right, a little early for that.  Well just let me know.

I’ve been good, yep.  Got all settled in down here at Texas Tech, I’ve already put the right kind of pressure on my kids “All A’s on every report card – no exceptions.”  Frankly I can’t wait to see what kind of penalties I’ll come up with if they can’t meet those expectations, I’ve already got my eye on a few primo bathroom stalls.  And hey – those kinds of mind games got our boy Jorts to the NBA didn’t they? By the way, if anyone see’s Michael Avery, tell him to return my calls please.

But outside of catching up, there’s a reason I write to you all right now.  I have just made a fantastic discovery right now, and I wanted to share that with you – yes, you.  You see, I was just told about a great investment opportunity with a company called CLG limited (as in – there’s only a limited time on this offer!)  Early investors have made millions, simply by following the easy to follow step by step investing plan.  The first thing I need you to do is send me $500.00 so that I can invest it in the company (we will both get better returns if I’m the one making the investments, trust me.)  After that step is complete, we will send you a package describing more about what CLG does, so that you can go out and find your own investors.  It may seem like a lot of money at first, but it will pay off in bunches, trust me.  Plus, according to my friend Jim Donnan, we’re getting in on the ground floor and that is where the money is to be made.

Once you received your brochure and materials from CLG, all you need to do is go out and find some of your own investors.  They will send you the money, which will pay back your initial investment plus so much more – CLG has already turned a 30-50% profit for most investors!  I really think this is a great opportunity for us, and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to share it with you.  If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to call – I trust you still have my number.  If you don’t, you can always get it from my boy AJ Stewart.

Faithfully yours,

Billy Gillispie

So there you have it.  I guess that buyout money isn’t going to waste after all.

In all seriousness, Ponzi schemes are tricky and a great way to lose all your money.  Also, that letter was fabricated and in no way intended to portray any points of view that Billy Gillispie may share.  I’m sure he’s a great guy, and totally doesn’t want you to invest in a pyramid scheme with him. Nor does the company CLG Limited exist to my knowledge.  If they do, I would also bet they aren’t sketchy, so feel free to invest all your money ever with them if it so strikes you.  Also, if you want to know more about Ponzi Schemes, you can listen to a podcast here by the guys from How Stuff Works.

Article written by Will Lentz

25 Comments for Billy Gillispie Writes An Open Letter To BBN

  1. FakeDrewFranklin
    8:25 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    That’s good effort, even though you’re not any good, that’s pretty good effort.

  2. FakeDrewFranklin
    8:25 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    That’s good effort, even though you’re not any good, that’s pretty good effort.

  3. BPsycho
    8:34 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    “This, is my tough stance”

  4. atlantacat
    8:39 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    No where close to being funny. You should apologize.

  5. Erik Daniels Fake ID
    8:41 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    Please. Stop. Writing.

  6. ukchampion
    8:49 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    you are describing a pyramid scheme not a ponzi scheme, dumbass. they are similar but not the same thing. even if you knew the difference this would not be remotely funny.

    this post is a huge embarrassing failure.

  7. gocats
    8:51 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    Another ridiculous post on Ksr..this site sucks now, I’m not coming back anymore.

  8. Old School
    8:54 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    7: You will come back and you will like it.

  9. anthonydavisunabrow
    8:57 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    i actually thought it was quite entertaining… Nice work

  10. gmo
    9:04 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    Nothing to do with this post but I’m done following Aaron Boyd. He’s one dumb sob

  11. JMFATZ47
    9:07 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    come on………was a funny bit to glance at on a boring a$$ Tuesday night when the Reds are losing 6-1…..anyone else still hungover from the weekend?

  12. t111
    9:09 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    wow.. another great post by lentz. just give it up man, or stick to posting twitter/cats illustrated info.

    smh, embarrassing

    almost as bad as franklin not knowing about the water fountain.

  13. John
    9:30 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    come on basketball hurry up. This crap is painful to read

  14. utahdrought
    9:41 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    comedy is not your thing; this is embarrassing

  15. Holden McGroin
    9:49 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    damn rough crowd here tonight.

  16. Sarah White
    9:58 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    This was tacky and unnecessary. You must have had a bad day. Drivel – nothing more; nothing less.

  17. kyeric
    11:22 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    This post is only funny when you picture Mary Karupkat reading it with EXTREME HAND GESTURES!

  18. HereForTheLulz
    11:30 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    You see, it’s funny because Billy Gillispie invested in a Ponzi scheme and also made Josh Harrellson sit in a bathroom stall. Get it?

    Stupid and a #wasteoftime.

  19. Cals Cats
    11:45 pm July 5, 2011 Permalink

    I like KSR despite this crap…this stuff is junk and is a waste of time.

  20. duhville cat
    12:27 am July 6, 2011 Permalink

    3) I think he’s doin the chicken-dance.

  21. gay glazer
    1:44 am July 6, 2011 Permalink

    Is “Will Lentz” Daniel Solzman’s alias or pen name?

  22. Ky76
    6:56 am July 6, 2011 Permalink

    Worst. Post. Ever.

  23. RUPPS_rhetoric
    8:30 am July 6, 2011 Permalink

    I have never bashed any post on this site, even BTI’s but I couldn’t resist. This was pretty bad. I know they try to have filler space on the slow days during the summer, but even still; this was a few days late and just a terrible attempt at humor. It won’t stop me from coming back obviously; I visit like 30 times a day; but this was just bad. Keep up the good work!

  24. The Judge
    9:26 am July 6, 2011 Permalink

    Boy, some people sure get mad when people make fun of Good Ole “Glug Glug” Billy Clyde! I will honestly never understand it. Two seasons of seemingly purposeful humiliation.

  25. oldkentucky
    9:54 am July 6, 2011 Permalink

    Pleas quit abusing the names of our ex-coaches.