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Bilas: The Original Law Dog

Even Bilas can’t stand the smell of the ‘ville.

I want to hate Jay Bilas. He is a Duke University School of Law grad that thinks he knows about sports. Wouldn’t you hate just about anybody that fits that description? The mind boggles.

Unfortunately, he brings up a ton of good points whenever he analyzes basketball. He doesn’t seem to let his alma mater influence his perspective, and he has the intestinal fortitude to not dry heave despite being subjected to hours of Digger Phelps’ inane ranting and silly highlighters. The man has Moxie.

In his post on ESPN yesterday, he talks Kentucky. I totally agree with his perspective regarding UK’s decision not to foul at the end of the Miami game (Shocker: Digger disagrees). Not only would it have robbed us of a great finish, but it just isn’t basketball. I like the purity of the game. Fouls should be unintended consequences of attempts to legally disrupt offense, not a planned action that exploits the system. Fouling intentionally is four corners-esque in its perversion of the game. It shuts out one team by manipulating a rule mechanic rather than letting the players determine the outcome. I think that fouling intentionally during the last minute of the game should result in 2 free throws (coach’s choice on shooter) and the ball back. That would force winning teams to play straight up and give more opportunities for game winning shots like the one we witnessed this week.

Just so this post isn’t a total slobber-fest for Bilas, I question his assertion that Kentucky doesn’t have any experience on the bench. If anything, I think our bench is one of our bigger strengths. We have two former starters that are seniors (Harris and The Microwave) and one junior that logged significant playing time last year (Jorts). If Krebs, a senior, can play the Cameron Mills role at best or Chris Harrison role at worst, that is a pretty solid, experienced bench.

Article written by Christopher Johns