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Big Win tonight for the Cats

Not the prettiest game ever, but a big win for the Cats. Best defensive performance in recent weeks, but a sour offensive game. Some very good efforts (Sheray Thomas), some not so good (poor Brandon Stockton) and some downright infuriating (Rajon Rondo’s effort is still lacking). But all in all, a win….which isnt assured nowadays.

Here are some post game thoughts….will have more tomorrow.

Lots to get to here, but it is late, so I will give you my top 10:

(1) Tubby told the guys before practice yesterday who would be in the starting lineup. The guys that were the starters today practiced as the starters, based on their grades at Monday’s practice. So the players were not surprised by the announcement of the starting lineups.

(2)Tubby liked the way the starting lineup played, but says that it doesnt mean that he will start it again. He did say however that he will continue the process of grading players based on practice performances.

(3) Sheray Thomas said after the game that he has made it a point of emphasis to practice three point shooting. He said he shoots for a half hour before and after practice, just working on his form.

(4) Patrick Sparks was happy with the reaction of his teammates to the lineup change. “Everyone on this team has faith in the other guys. Thus we dont care who starts.”

(5) Brandon Stockton was the most exuberant after the game, saying that the ups and downs of playing time dont bother him. “I told myself at the beginning of the year that I would play hard all year and let the chips fall where they may. Whether I play or not, I know I give it my all.”

(6) Bobby Perry pointed out that the team is often too tight and that Tubby has made it a point to loosen up. “Sometimes we play not to make mistakes and get ourselves or Coach upset. We are all much looser now.”

(7) Ravi Moss is fine and says he will miss no time.

(8) There was an interesting moment with about seven minutes to go when the scorekeeper had not changed the possession arrow after the double foul. Ramel Bradley noticed the mistake, went to the refs and pleaded his case. They quickly made clear to him they didnt want to hear it and sent him back, angry. Tubby came over and got it correct, but I thought for a second Ramel might get a technical.

(9) With eight minutes to go, Georgia switched offenses, deciding to run the high pick and roll that worked so well for Florida. When this happened, the point guard called a play and Patrick Sparks immediately recognized it, screamed out the play and changed defenses. Very, very well scouted.

(10) I asked Randolph Morris at the end of the game what he would say to a UK fan that is pessimistic about the season. He said, “I would tell them that we can beat anybody on any day. No one should rule us out. We believe we can beat every team from here on out.”

Thats it for tonight….

Article written by Matt Jones