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Big Evening in Vegas Coming


I have been in Las Vegas for 48 hours and it has been a great time. My flight over saw me getting seated next to a tremendously fat man who kept asking me if I “ever blogged about video games” (I pointed him to Fake Gimel) and the girl above, Miss Georgia. I was informed by Miss Georgia that there are actually now three national pageants, Miss America, Miss USA and something called “Miss United States”, which is what she is in. Apparently this Miss United States is what is a feeder for Miss Universe (the non-Trump one) and it is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas. After making jokes about her AD, she made the trip much more pleasant and I found out that you can be a beauty queen and work in an IT department. I will have more Vegas stuff from on and off the court in the night post, but a couple of notes:

— The NBA folks here are loving on some Patrick Patterson. The consensus is that people believe he went too low in the Draft. I heard a GM say yesterday, “he should have gone to Utah instead of Hayward…he would have killed it there. He also was considered by Toronto, but in talking with the Pattersons, they are glad he ended up in Houston. He has done very well here in his first two games and his next tips off in about 20 minutes.

Chuck Hayes is here with the Rockets and we spoke a bit yesterday. He said he is very excited to have Patrick in Houston and said, “in the next few years, we might have a whole roster of Cats.” If Calipari keeps it up, dont be surprised.

— There is legitimate buzz about the debut of John Wall tonight at 8 pm and it is clear that it is the must see event of the league. The media presence here is double what it was yesterday and al anyone wants tot talk about is seeing Wall. There has been some worry that he may not play, but as of now the NBA expects him to go. We will give you coverage of his game later tonight and I will tweet relevant updates as they happen.

— The other big topic down here is the talent level of Enes Kanter. Every time someone in the NBA finds out about Kentucky, I get two questions….(1) How do you think Demarucs Cousins will do? and then (2) tell me how good the Kanter kid is. Scouts talk about Enes and one that I spoke with yesterday even told me, “had he been in this year’s draft, he probably goes second.” Enes is going to be really good….I thought the hype may have been a bit much….now I dont.

— I also have had a number of conversations about Daniel Orton and his situation. I have to say that after talking with some folks down here, my thoughts on him have changed a bit. I am going to write more about this when I get back to Louisville, but suffice to say, there is a lot more to Orton’s situation than a lot of us know. I still think he has made a number of bad decisions that he must take responsibility for, but I understand now why they happened a bit more. When I finish the piece on Orton (which I want to take some time to write to make sure it is complete), I think you will know more as well.

Patrick and John today….Demarcus, John and Eric tomorrow. Stay tuned….

Article written by Matt Jones