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Beisner Gets Hitched! and other Friday Notes


Sometimes the great moments in life come when you least expect it. Today was one of those days, as the world got the news via Twitter that KSR blogger extraordinaire Beisner is married. Today Beisner took the plunge, with the traditional Thursday wedding ceremony practiced by most of the nation’s social malcontents. Beisner’s new wife is a beautiful bride and she has given him permission to continue on with his life of blogging and misery. Normally this post is his on Thursday night, but being the generous boss that I am, I gave him the evening off in exchange for two months of doing my laundry and one ten minute conversation with Brian the Intern. In all seriousness, we congratulate Beisner on his nuptials and wish him the best as he slowly heads down his journey towards a mid-life crisis.

Lots happened, so we will do notes instead of views:

— The big news of the night is that the Louisville basketball practice that was being considered has been cancelled. UK had reached an agreement with Freedom Hall to have a practice on Sunday from 6-8 pm, but now it has been cancelled. While no official reason has been given, one has to assume that the stink the UL officials raised must have been part of it. A source close to UL told me this afternoon that when the Cards Athletics people heard of the potential deal, they flipped out and confronted Freedom Hall people over the last couple of days. How those conversations went are unknown, but for now, it looks as if the Louisville practice is a no-go.

— Another mini-crisis came and went today with the Jerry Tipton story about Patterson and his truck. If you read the site earlier, you saw the comments from Patrick’s mother as to how Tipton said Patrick drove a truck that he didnt, to and from the game. Tipton has since recanted the story on his blog and there is supposed to be a retraction in the paper tomorrow. While the actuall comments that Jerry made may not be of huge significance, one wonders how a reporter says a person did something with supposed first-hand knowledge, and then gets it wrong. I guess we will never know.

— Two polls came out and UK is ranked #4 and #5 in the preseason. The rankings are not surprising and are probably close to appropriate. There are five teams with more talent than the rest of the country (Kansas, UNC, Michigan State, Texas and Kentucky), and in my view Kansas should be first and the other four are interchangeable. However if all teams reach potential, the Cats will be the Jayhawks’ biggest rivals when it matters most, come tournament time.

— If you missed the post earlier in which Calipari’s Russian was translated by a reader, you need to check it out. The term “Big Gay Nation” has the potential to be a KSR cult classic.

— Dana O Neill reports tonight that the NCAA Board of Governors preliminarily approved all the recruiting changes we talked about last week. Two go into effect immediately, the ban on paying AAU coaches for summer camps and the donations to AAU programs by schools. The other two, ending the payment to “recruiting scouting services” connected to players and the end of “package deals” hiring will be voted on for good in April. Great moves in all regards.

Adrien Payne ended his recruitment by picking Michigan State. Just two weeks ago, everyone believed it would be UK or West Virginia, but Izzo came in and got the talented big man. Contrary to what I have seen some say online, the UK folks really wanted Payne and were disappointed with the result. But now the actions between UK and WVU will heat up again for Tobias Harris.

— I hate watching baseball. I watched two innings tonight and nearly fell asleep three times. I did however see enough to remember why I dont like Tim McCarver.

— Turkey Hunter (who should be on Twitter) and I watched the NBA (which I do like) and were playing the “who does he look like” game. When the Turkey Hunter said that Greg Oden should be played in his movie by Morgan Freeman, the game ended.

Manu Ginobli’s hair must have been sent away as part of the Richard Jefferson trade.

I still have no word on whether the Blackout is still a go. I havent heard one word mentioned about it from UK since Tuesday, so I expect it will fall apart either by intention or neglect. But I will still wear my black hooded UK sweatshirt in protest.

— There apparently will be a UK Homecoming pep rally on Friday night at 7 pm at Memorial Coliseum. Rich Brooks, John Calipari and Matthew Mitchell will all be there and there is entertainment provided by Tim Meadows (yes of Saturday Night Live). We will have more on this tomorrow, but it should be a fun event.

Lots going on today….we have Mississippi State previews, the announcement of the winners of the Blogger Contest and Dustin updating where UK stands on recruiting now. Dont miss it….or do, its your call.

Article written by Matt Jones