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Beavis Spurrier’s Tuesday News and Views


I know we led with a version of this picture last night, but I cant really help to repeat it today after a reader created the above photoshop. It is very rare for a human being to magically turn himself into a cartoon, but when Steve Spurrier gave us the “Steve Spurrier face” at the end of Saturday night’s game, he also channeled “Beavis” in a way I could not have imagined. By simply letting his bottom jaw droop and moving his eyes just a bit, Spurrier became a cartoon figure from MTV in the 1990s in a way that is almost uncanny. I will have many memories from the game on Saturday night, but now this picture (created by a reader) has been lodged in my head and I may never look at the Old Ball Coach the same way again. His decisions on Saturday night may not have been worthy of the great Cornholio, but from now on, Spurrier will always be Beavis to me.

To the news:

(1): Unfortunately what I worried would happen yesterday took place today as the national media on ESPN picked up on the Randall Cobb Twitter story from yesterday. On the dreadful show “College Football Live” (best known for having a guy from “The Bachelor” as one of its stars), the anchors read the tweets and then Jesse Palmer launched into a diatribe against Kentucky football fans and in support of Cobb. He mentioned how bad it is for a player if he is being booed early and then given high-fives late and he understood why Cobb said what he did. The problem of course is that this has now taken on a life of its own and will be the focus of a lot of the media questions for UK and Cobb, especially early in the week. My guess is that it will find its way into other negativity on the program (from recruiting especially) and will have unintended consequences for as short time. It may have also ended UK football players on Twitter as Larod King tweeted out tonight that the players will no longer be on Twitter. Either way, it is a story that will hopefully blow over soon and not be something that lingers for the entire week leading up to the game.

(2): It is becoming clear that the SEC East is as wide open as anyone could imagine going into the second half of the conference season. This week’s South Carolina-Vanderbilt game will determine which team is in first place in the league and at this point, every team…even lowly Tennessee…is still in the picture. Kentucky also has a path to an SEC East title, something many want to discount, but maybe should keep in mind. The Cats play Georgia, Vandy, Tennessee and Mississippi State, arguably three of the worst four teams in the conference and the Bulldogs on the road. If the Cats were to win all four (and why cant they?), they would need South Carolina to win at Florida and the Gamecocks to then lose another game (most likely Arkansas), in order to claim the SEC East title. Longshot? Sure…but impossible? Not at all. Keep the dream alive…and oh yeah, had UK beaten either Auburn or Ole Miss, they would lead the division today.

(3): Basketball practice is now in full effect and the students have an open practice tomorrow to attend. Murmurs from the practice court suggest that the early star so far has been Terrence Jones, who is impressing everyone after missing some time. Jones had been a bit of a wildcard to the staff and those around the program, as they really hadnt been able to see what he could do until the injury. But now he is playing and I am told is executing at a very high level. The comparisons to Lamar Odom are made continually and there is a special optimism around him that I think is quite exciting. If Enes Kanter isnt eligible, the season could hinge on the production from Jones, so a good start to practice is a positive sign.

(4): Speaking of Kanter, the process with the NCAA continues to trudge forward, with resolution dates still unclear. John Calipari talked on Friday night about the Kanter process as not being a UK vs the NCAA affair, but instead a collaborative process where they are working towards a resolution. The NCAA has a tough call to make, as whatever decision they decide will impact the future of college basketball as it pertains to Europeans. If Kanter is found ineligible, then there will likely be no Euro player with any talent who will come play American college basketball. Since every player that is any good is on a pro “club” by the age of 14, it will be impossible to make the move work. If Kanter is found eligible, then standards will be set that will impact when Euros can come here and in what circumstances. Jay Bilas of ESPN said on Friday night that the NCAA should let Enes play, as he wants to be a college athlete. Whether the NCAA agrees will impact UK’s season initially, but also the future recruiting markets for John Calipari and others for years to come.

More all day on the site. IF you are going to the student practice, send any pictures you have and any updates to me at [email protected] We will have more all day, so stay tuned….

Article written by Matt Jones