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#BeatUConn’s Tuesday News and Views

I know we all have Kentucky vs. Louisville on the brain, but let’s not ignore what’s going on in the women’s NCAA tournament where UK Hoops is one win away from the first Final Four in school history. Matthew Mitchell’s ladies will look to advance when they face one-seeded UConn on Tuesday night at at 7:00 PM on ESPN in the Kingston Regional finals. It will be a tough battle for Kentucky, but this isn’t one of those years when UConn is just completely unbeatable. If the Cats shoot anything like they did in the Elite Eight win against Gonzaga, I think they can hang with UConn and set themselves up for an upset. UK shot 57% from beyond the arc in that game.

This is already a historic season for Kentucky’s women’s basketball program and Tuesday night’s game is arguably the biggest game in school history. I encourage you to tune in and cheer them on as we’re on the verge of having two UK teams in the Final Four.


Now, on to the men’s side of things in your news and views…

   Is it Saturday yet? The past 24 hours have been dragging along. I just want the game to get here. Unfortunately, we have another 114 hours before Kentucky and Louisville tip off in the biggest game in the history of the rivalry. Coach Cal was on a Final Four teleconference on Monday afternoon to look ahead to the big game, and he gave Louisville credit for their improvement since the two teams met in Rupp Arena earlier this season.

On the Cards’ improvement, Calipari said, “They’re in a nice mold right now about playing the way they have to play to win. I think they’re defending that way. I think they’re playing offense that way. They’re a much better team. I think we’re better too, but when I look at them, I just say, ‘Wow.’ They play very, very aggressive. They’re doing all the things they need to do to put themselves in a position to win, and they’ve done it. They’ve done it in the Big East Tournament and they walk right into this tournament and do the same thing.”

Personally, I don’t like hearing Cal act like this game could be close. I need him, or someone, to come out and say it’s going to be a blowout. He didn’t make it easier on Big Blue Nation’s nerves when talking about Louisville’s defense, either.

He said, “Their zone defense and how they’re playing it and the adjustments they make, I’ve watched some stuff they’ve done against us and I’ve watched some tape of what they’ve done against other people and they kind of morph it into how you’re playing or who they want to play and they do a good job of that. There are times they’ll throw some press at people and it’s rattled some cages. They pressed us here and it rattled us. We just weren’t ready for that kind of having to get open with a couple guys hanging on you, having to be strong with the ball, having to have great spacing. We weren’t ready for that at that time of the year. We were lucky to get out alive in that game. They’re good. They’re a really good team and they’re terrific defensively and they play really hard and they play physical and they do the things they have to do to win.”

Then again, as Cal pointed out, Kentucky was a totally different team on December 31, too. The Cats struggled with the press early in the season and Cal even admitted to not working on it in practice back then. And let’s not forget, Kentucky shot 29.8% from the field in that game and still won by seven.

Tell me it’s going to be okay.

 Calipari also spoke about what he’ll do this week to get his team ready for the game, and how this Final Four features three teams that are out for revenge against Kentucky.

“They know every game we play is someone’s Super Bowl,” Calipari said on Monday. “You think about this whole Final Four. We ended Ohio State’s season last year. We opened up the season by beating Kansas. You don’t think they want a piece of us? We beat Louisville earlier in the year. They’re going crazy to beat us. Let me say this, so was Vandy, so was Florida, so was North Carolina. Everybody we play is that way, so it’s not as though this is any different than any other game we play. The other team’s going to play out of their minds. We know it.”

This really is set up for a storybook run to #8. Enjoy it, folks.

  Ignore any online rumors saying Anthony Davis slightly tore his ACL against Baylor. We’ve done our best to delete those comments when we see them on here to keep everyone from panicking. I don’t know where they’re coming from, or why people continue to post it, but Coach Cal and Coach Robic both said on Monday that Anthony Davis is fine. He banged knees; it hurt; it’s a non-issue.

  The 2012 McDonald’s All-American JamFest was held Monday night in Chicago and Shabazz Muhammad won the dunk contest part of the evening. Muhammad received a perfect score from the judges on two of his three dunks; one coming on a slam off a lob while hurdling over another player in the key and the other coming on a lob off the side of the backboard. UK commit Archie Goodwin finished second in the dunk contest and UK target Anthony Bennett finished third.

After the competition, Muhammad said he will announce his college choice on April 11, the first day of the spring signing period.

  The other big name from the class of 2012, Nerlens Noel, could be making his decision any day now. Noel and his mother have been evaluating the three remaining schools — Kentucky, Syracuse and Georgetown — since last Wednesday when Jim Boeheim and John Thompson III visited the family in their home in Everett, Massachusetts. With all of the final pitches and visits out of the way, don’t be surprised if he announces before the end of the week.

  As one dominant big man gets ready for college basketball, another one said goodbye on Monday. Mississippi State’s Renardo Sidney announced he will hire an agent and enter the NBA Draft. He’ll be in China by August.

  Also from the SEC, the Frank Martin hire at South Carolina is one Kentucky fans should be excited about. Martin will turn that team around and have them competing in no time, which will increase the competitiveness in the SEC. Throw in Missouri and we’re looking at what will potentially be the premier league in college basketball. It’s a great get for the Gamecocks and I’m looking forward to watching the many gamefaces of Frank Martin, twice a year.

 In NBA news, the Rockets and Kings played a tight game in Houston on Monday night with Patrick Patterson and DeMarcus Cousins leading the way for their teams. Patterson scored eight of Houston’s final 13 points in regulation and sent the game to overtime with a long jumper with just seven seconds left. Houston would go on to win it in OT behind a team-high 24 points from Patterson. Cousins scored 38 points and grabbed 14 rebounds in the losing effort.

That’ll do it for now. Tune in to Kentucky Sports Radio radio Tuesday morning when Matt and Ryan bring on Dick Vitale and Andy Katz to preview the Final Four.

I’ll leave you with this…

Don’t laugh.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. Tim

    Anyone read Eric crawfords article about Dieng today. Wow

  2. BlueBloggin

    Anyone going to be in Vegas for the championship game? “if” we make it I have a group of about 8 that wants to trying find a get together spot for UK fans!

  3. Old Man Sleeping In Lower Arena

    That song would be great if the people who actually liked Louisville knew what that kind of music was. If he wanted their attention he should have started the song..YO YO YO .

  4. bsquared

    best part of that video was the end

  5. just another day at the morgue

    Did y’all see ESPN’s Dunk of the Year? Both MKG and Darius were nominated! Neither won, but DJ Steve Porter made this dunk remix of the year called Jam City, and the CATs are all over it

  6. I Say


  7. Mrs Kidd-Gilchrist

    Ha! Balls on the move! Good for you UofL. Glad I found a new video to watch when I need a good laugh… “They low down, they some snitches” had a good run…now it’s this video. This is hilarious…point blank period.

  8. UK#8in'12

    Oh my…that was truly fantastically awful.

  9. The Myth

    No words

  10. 00BBN00

    imagine the game faces between cal and martin.

  11. Rick the Dick

    Louisville needs to remember what state they are in

  12. UKBlue

    Correct me if I’m wrong; the last time this guy made a stupid song in 82, UL got beat in the semifinals; thanks guy for jinxing your own team. UL fans mean well, but holy hell are they stupid.

  13. travis

    How dare Louisville disgrace My Old Kentucky Home like that. It’s on now.

  14. John Ellis

    Cal hypes the opponent every game. Like Pitino, he is paranoid even when it’s Transylvania. If UK plays its game it will win no matter what. Pitino’s emotional jack on his team will make it slightly closer than it should be. Just like the last three games.

  15. snarkster

    Not worried about Sidney entering the draft, just warn me when he enters the buffet line.

  16. Ryan

    “Runnin’ up the score just as high as it would go.” Um, last time I checked, it was possible to score more than 65 points.

  17. Cam newton

    That was so pathetic I almost feel bad for for em.. Nah, let’s kick some tard butt!

  18. Fake Truth

    I hear you #6! #IhateUofL While I am a Card hater, I like Frank Matin. He will make the league better and add some entertainment to the to the sidelines. #IMissBrucePearl but #IStillHateTennessee

  19. Austin

    So by running up the score, they mean beating Florida by 4?? A team we beat by 20 in one game. Louisville may very well walk away with a win,but these Cardinal fans are just delusional.


    Anyone have a link to the post game net cutting celebration??? or a video of the airport longer than the 10 second one on

  21. ukgrad2004

    Let me ask you guys something, and please don’t delete my comment because it’s an honest question. What exactly did Davis bang his left knee on? If you watch the replay, it clearly didn’t collide with the left knee of Perry Jones III as has been said. It looks like his right knee caught Jones’s left hip, but it was the left knee that Davis was clutching. I’m not trying to start any false rumors or anything, but what happened in the video doesn’t appear to constitute what would cause a “contusion”.

  22. JimR

    I have no complaints, but I do have a question.It seems to me there is a mysterious pattern to Wiltjer’s game. He goes into a game, 30 seconds later he hits a three, then that’s it. Does Cal say “Go have a three, Kyle, then sit back down?” Seems to me that if you hit your only three, then you aren’t shooting nearly enough! I get that he is soft defensively, but why not let him shoot again when he hits one!

  23. Kim

    It is now 6:09 am, and we are 108 hours from the UK beatdown in NOLA. Go CATS!

  24. Blue Trudy

    Thanks for getting that stupid song stuck in my head!!!

  25. BigBlueSkyDog

    I understand your anxiety Drew. Your @ss is literally on the line.

    I thought Mickey Clark had been put out to pasture a long time ago. I worked in Tumbleweed on the Outer Loop back in the 80’s when he played there on the weekends. He ruined many a great country songs while he there. He is a perfect representation of the deluded Cardinal fan base.

  26. NKY CAT

    21. absolutely correct! i have watched that replay 100 times, knees DID NOT bang. he came down akwardly and you could see a slight inward bend of the leg.

  27. REAL BLY

    Why is it such a big deal for top recruits to ” Pick ” a school???? They KNOW they will only play 1 season…..why make it such a soap opera….just tell media where you are going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care if Noel goes to Syracuse, or if Bazz goes to UCLA….we will fill our roster accordingly!

  28. LuvDaCats

    I was hoping for a laugh. But that song sucked.

  29. Andy

    21- I haven’t watched the replay a bunch, but I did notice that he was grimacing before his foot even hit the ground

  30. Big Cat

    #22 I agree.

  31. UKFanBoy

    Watch the replay again, his knee hits Perry Jones knee. Jones even grabs his knee immediately after. It is just hard to see due to the camera angle.

  32. Blue Orleans

    Why r Card fans so confident. Pitino hasnt beat Cal since he has been at UK.

  33. Bradley

    31. Yep. It’s very hard to see, but Jones III’s reaction gives it away. They banged knees. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  34. Wildcat Rico

    #31 – I watched over and over again, but could not see where AD’s left knee hit anything. His right knee hits Jones in the hip, but I cannot see where his left knee made any contact. Maybe I need to go watch it again.

  35. Yep

    Lol! That has to be the most gay shit I’ve ever heard!

  36. HAHA

    LOL Dick Vitale said on MIKE and MIKE that Pitino needs to get on his hands and knees and pray to beat UK.

  37. CatBauce

    I was checking the box score from the UK/UL game on NYE. UK attempted 43 free throws….I wonder what the odds will be for us to attempt 40 again this game? How many games in a row can we go shooting a high number of ft’s after breaking the NCAA tourney record for free throws made?

  38. bung

    I hope Cal stops “pulling back on the reins” too early and allows us to complete 30 point blowouts for the next 12 seasons and 6 more natl champs…fastbreak…

  39. Mitch Barnhart's Lucky Socks

    Guys…really can we stop talking about the Davis knee non-injury? There are real things to talk about.

  40. Pabloco

    I made it through the first 30 seconds. Is that the record? Surely no one watched the whole thing.

  41. Danzigman

    I want to barf after that video. Saturday get here soon!

  42. wampuscat43

    Renardo Sidney announced he will eat China by August.

  43. Rebecca Black

    Its Friday, it’s Friday…. gotta get down on Friday!!!!

  44. CatlantaBlue

    My ears are bleeding…

  45. shimsky

    I so hope we blow them out and shut all their dirty beaks. I think they will get overly aggressive and show less class than they have already shown. Confidence is one thing, but unearned arrogance is just downright annoying.

  46. GBB

    I got through about 15 seconds – that was enough.
    The blowout won’t happen because we’re just playing to advance and don’t want to expend all our emotional energy.

  47. Ricky Penetrator

    unwatchable after a few seconds – totally gay.

  48. Jim Hyams

    Do not forget Chuck, He had a pretty good game too.

  49. BigBlueCats

    Drew, do u need an intervention. You should know the answers to your points in the above article. Cal is just trying to talk up UL and take them off their guard a little. If he said they suck and we are going to murder them then thats just bulletin board material. As for the reports about AD. Its the f’n trolls trying to get under Cats fans’ skin. The best thing ALL Cats fans can do is ignore the trolls. You let them win when you get angry and argue back when they just make stupid statements. Now if they get personal thats a different story. (anyway, everyone knows why fans from the opposing teams mouth off and troll is because UK can do their talking on the court and they are scared and have no other way). And for all the ones going down to BlueOrleans, have a drink for me. And dont get into any fights with UL fans after the game. You dont want to end up in jail and miss the title game on monday 🙂


    That song sucked worse than Karen Sypher!!!! Boom Roasted!

  51. Card Nation

    You guys are the greatest team to ever lace them up! You can’t lose.

  52. Living in Paducah

    I was vastly amused at the part of the song that said they ran the score as “high as it could go.” The most points they have scored in the NCAAT? 72. The LEAST points UK has scored in the NCAAT? 81, and that was coasting. Hahahahaha!

  53. TJ's Max Headroom says says

    Anthony tore something alright… The hearts of Baylor fans… straight outta their chests!!!

  54. calz dumas

    its not everyone’s superbowl cow. its the final four. much bigger . i think thats enuff to make it important, not that they r playing you jagoff

  55. Tman

    They say we are rednecks.