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Barry Melrose’s Thursday News and Views

People are starting to care about hockey for some insane reason. I’ve heard more about this Pens-Caps series than I’ve heard from hockey in the last 10 years. I blame Twitter.

Pittsburgh won. Apparently this matters. I don’t really have any jokes to go along with all this.

-The big story today was John Calipari’s face making words into microphones. We posted the press conference recap, but here’s basically what he said (note: I’ve not yet seen the press conference, but I did see a portion of it on a bar TV. The sound was off, but I think I got the gist of it.):

-Coach Cal speaks as if Meeks is coming back. At least that’s what John Clay thinks. I tend to agree. And by tend to agree, I mean “hope he’s right.”

-Calipari thinks we can be good again.

-If possible, I think Cal would schedule the ’98 Bulls.

-Luke Winn has reported that John Wall’s “handlers” have his list whittled down to UK, Duke, and Miami. Old news, yes? Rick Bozich is confused as to why Miami is on the list of three. Apparently Dr. Bo has not been to Clevelander’s or seen the many jiggling butt cheeks of South Beach.

-Speaking of high school kids who have way too much influence over the happiness and success of old men, O.J. Mayo’s back in the news again. As crass as I may be coming off here, I find it hard to believe that Tim Floyd was paying this kid while he played for USC. Is this not the same kid who recruited himself to USC? Did he also offer himself money? Tim Floyd’s a moron; but this is like paying your wife for cooking and cleaning. Hi-yo!

-2010 recruit Adreian Payne will be visiting UK this weekend, at least according to a thread that seemed perfectly legitimate on TCP. And by “perfectly legitimate,” I mean it hasn’t devolved into character assaults as of 10:40 p.m. Wednesday night. Payne has offers from several schools, including UK, Pitt, UT, and Xavier. He’s currently the 8th-ranked player and second-ranked center in his class, which includes Dominique Ferguson and Josh Smith.

-Finally, on the heels of this unorganized piece of blogging poo, I’d like to personally welcome the newest member to the KSR troupe: Dustin Rumbaugh. Dustin will cover recruiting, and as far as I can tell, he’s awesome at it. So that’s great news.

I was able to get an interview with Matt Jones after the addition, and he only said that Dustin is merely in the neophyte stage, and further discussion is prohibited. When I asked if certain hazing rituals were performed, Jones was uneasy. Namely when I inquired about whether or not Dustin will be forced to bleed out his body before he learns the handshake, which has been rumored.

“I won’t speak specifically,” Jones said.

All or none of the discourse relayed above took place. Anyway, welcome aboard, Dustin.

Article written by Evan Hilbert