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Barry Melrose’s Mullet’s Friday News and Views

As we get into a fine Halloween weekend (I am considering going to Halloween as a Louisville wide receiver, with a paintgun), the blog and radio show move towards actual basketball news and not just recruiting news. Over the next few weeks we will continue with the recruiting news about the remainder of the 07 class and the beginnings of the 08 class, but we will also begin focusing on the actual season ahead. We plan on doing some really innovative stuff in terms of covering UK, including doing pre-game shows, some commentating during games via the internet and other new and exciting ways to cover the Cats. Our goal is to do what we have done with recruiting…..make the traditional media outlets look old and out of touch. That probably wont take a lot of work, but we are going to give it our all in the process.

In addition, this weekend may be the beginning of our First Annual “Bloggin the Saturday Football Games.” The KSR Radio Crew will be assembling at the Casa de Hubby on Saturday and doing a day of football watching, all the time making fun of anything and everything, including Holly Rowe. IF so, we will then blog throughout the day and give a continuous running journal of all things goofy going on. More on this later.

Now onto the news…..

(1) This weekend, which looked to have the potential to be an explosive news weekend, now looks much more tame. Jai Lucas will take his visit to Maryland, likely the last school that he will visit that actually has a chance at pulling him away to their campus. Until a couple of days ago, when he announced that he would be making his visit to Oklahoma next week, Sunday looked to be a crucial day for Lucas as the likelihood of an announcement was high. Now we are once again on hold for at least another week. Best case scenario for Maryland is that they get Lucas there, sell him on the legacy of his father and play up the potential to play with Herb Pope, yet another friend of the ubiquitously liked Lucas. Maryland has LOTS of ground to make up on this one, so it will take a mindblowing visit to make a difference.

(2) In addition, Patrick Patterson has postponed his visit to Virginia until the 11th making it the second dead week in a row for Patterson family flights. Wake Forest is next week and the news coming from the Patterson household is literally nil. At this point, I dont know that there is anything to glean from Patrick and it is unclear to what extent his mind is made up. Kyle Singler commits tomorrow to Duke, which means that in theory, Patterson has someone already at his position. Of course, Patterson can always play the “Coach K power forward as a center” so the Singler recruitment may not have much of an impact. Where Patrick is going to go is anyone’s guess. The last news I heard, which admittedly was a few days after the UK visit, said Florida and UK are the two. I have heard nothing credible since then and I question whether we will hear much of anything until signing day.

(3) So what about our Alaska friend Ramon Harris? The great thing about Ramon is that no matter who you talk to, they have a different story on what is holding the process up. His prep school coach (for whom he has yet to play) told me that the wait was on an NCAA Clearinghouse issue that would be decided in early November, his high school coach told it was an SAT issue and Harris himself said to me a couple of weeks back that he was waiting to hear from “the NCAA and UK working together.” So who knows. What we do know is that Harris is all but certain to join the Cats when this is resolved….either this January or next year. So when you are divying up scholarships that is something to remember. Thus if James Anderson were to come to UK and Harris came through as well, then all of a sudden scholarships would be an issue if Lucas, Patterson and Moses all ended up in blue. But then again Duke is now out of rides unless Josh McRoberts leaves, so these things have a way of working themselves out.

(4) Speaking of my boys from Duke, lots of fun as the fine folks at the Scout Duke site decided to make my thread debating with them available for consumption by my fellow UK fans. Couple of things to watch for on there. First of all notice how many (although not all) cannot have a conversation about the issue without getting personal about not only me, but also UK fans in general. That is not only a Duke thing, but it is true of virtually all message board fans, but it is nevertheless disappointing. Second, also notice in the thread how the various arguments manufactured by the participants change depending on what point they want to prove. The argument can be a bit nauseating on both sides, but since most message board banter is not exactly “War and Peace”, it is something to pass the time. In all seriousness, check it out if you want. If you have something better to do, like oh say file your toenails, I understand.

(5) Best news I heard all day. Got word from a Division I assistant at a BCS school who said that Derrick Jasper was in his view, “the best college point guard prospect in this year’s freshman class.” The coach said that a couple of guys may be better pro prospects and that some would be more explosive right away but over the course of Jasper’s career, his college success could be better than all of them. Those are heady words indeed from a class that is quite loaded at all positions. I am not sure I agree with that sentiment, but I do agree that Jasper is going to be real special and will turn out a much better player than he was ranked.

If you havent seen it yet, scroll down and read the Shawn Finney article. Also look for Mississippi State football coverage this weekend, the running blog and any other news that hits us…..have a good Halloween!

And then there is this…..

Article written by Matt Jones