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Back to back…..and before Dre

Jacob Tamme just went to the Colts at pick 127 and Keenan Burton to the Rams at 128. My knee jerk reaction is that both seem like a great fit, but we’ll dig in deeper later.

We’ll update this post throughout the day as other UK players get snatched up and use the comments section for an solid, moderately intelligent discussion of their prospects with their new teams.  If we get any recruiting news (Lord knows it would be nice to hear something positive), we’ll certainly throw it up.  But, today let’s try to focus on the next step for the all of the guys who made Kentucky football fun again.

***UPDATE (Kinda)

 Some interesting stuff from the ESPN Draftboard Discussion about Andre Woodson:

Michael H. (Madison, WI): Andre Woodson strikes me as a QB with some real upside, but yet here we are in the 5th round and he’s still on the board. Were there any red flags for him?

Scouts, Inc.’s Ken Moll: Michael, Andre does have upside but many QB coaches question his throwing motion (mechanical, not a quick release). Not a creator out of the pocket. He’ll go but but where and when is the ?

daniel (charlotte): What do you think about Carolina taking Andre Woodson with their upcoming pick?

Scouts, Inc.’s Ken Moll: Daniel, I don’t think Andre will be there pick in this round.  Woodson put up big numbers but there is a ton of questions about his throwing motion and a bility to make plays out of the pocket. Really only a year and a half of great production. Woodson will go but question to Carolina with this pick.  (NOTE:  Carolina picked Louisville TE Gary Barnridge with this pick.  Talk about adding insult to injury).

This is now the theme song for the draft.


Dennis Dixon just got picked up by the Steelers.  If they decide to play him as a quarterback, this might be the most painful blow to Woodson’s slide yet.  He is still rated as the best QB left on the board.  Woodyard is the 5th best OLB, Steve Johnson is the 8th best WR, right behind Mario Urrutia.  No Rafael Little sightings yet on the board.  If Woodson doesn’t go to Chicago or Tampa Bay, then this is a sick, cruel world that I don’t want to be a part of.


Josh Feaking Johnson?  Every quarterback in San Diego is getting picked ahead of Woodson.  Can Ryan Leaf be picked again too?  Wow.

Well, hopefully there will be a good Josh Freaking Johnson question in a bit, but here are a few more things from the ESPN Chat (before this Tampa pick was made):

steven (long island): ken, who do you think will be the next qb off the board and when, thanks

Scouts, Inc.’s Ken Moll: Steven, I would think it would be Woodson , soon !!!

Todd (Orlando): Dennis Dixon to Pitts…what a wasted pick.

Scouts, Inc.’s Ken Moll: Todd, It might be but this late in the draft it’s not a bad pick to see if he can add a dimension at the QB position (special package)–


It’s pretty much a certainty at this point that Woodson is not going to be picked up in the sixth round, unless a trade is made.  With Philadelphia, the Giants, and the Colts holding the majority of the picks and the other teams pretty set at the QB position, it’s time to fix our eyes on the seventh round for Woodson.  If he doesn’t go first to Chicago, third to Kansas City or fourth to the Jets, then I might swear off watching another draft ever again.

Also, at this point Rafel Little is the ninth best running back left on the board, Stevie Johnson is the sixth best WR and Wesley Woodyard is the third best OLB.  This, according to Scouts.


Not a second after I finished typing the above statements, the Giants went and made me look stupid by picking up Woodson.   I’m pumped that he’s finally off the board, but I’m not thrilled about him competing with my favorite UK player of all-time, Jared Lorenzen, or the fact that there is virtually no playing time available.  I guess beggars can’t be choosers though.

This from  I’m pretty sure it relates directly to me and shows how great our fan base is:

Scouts, Inc.’s Doug Kretz: OK, UK fans..  Woodson is gone, please no more Woodson questions..  He is in a good situation with a good team and a good coaching staff..  Should be given time to develop.


Stevie just got loose.  On the  Buffalo Bills.  At pick 224.  If only they had someone to get him the ball, the Birdman would definitely be flying western New York.

Article written by Thomas Beisner